October 9th, 2004

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So I've decided that I want to make a turkey suit. I'm got the drawing made, but I'm not exactly sure how I want to do the head or how to shape the body. I may have to do chickenwire reinforced with something for the body, since it will be a round-ish shape. I'm going to try to post the pics today or tomorrow, but any help as to how I might go about doing it would be greatly appreciated.

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The fingers don't need to be movable, so I'm probably going to carve them out of foam so that they're the right shape. Then I'll attatch that to my hand...somehow. Not really sure. Between the suit and the feet I'm going to make some strechy pants-ish things out of fleece, which is probably also what I'll cover the feet with. Even though turkeys have feathers, I'm probably just going to cover the frame with long-ish brown fur. Maybe I'll cut some fur and shape it like feathers or something. Don't know yet. Any suggestions?

Commission work

I'm working on a wolf head as a commission, and I'm working on the basic shape. Now after my first one, a lot of people said the profile shape wasn't as realistic as it could be, so I'm trying to make the profile a lot smoother and more natural this time around. Building that around a human face, though, is a little hard - which is why I'm still poking at it! I've taken a couple of pics just to ask if it's looking okay, and if there's any problems. Since it's a commission, I want it to turn out as well as I can manage!

He'll also have a moving jaw, using a taxidermy jawset, which I'm also new to, so if anyone wants to poke me at this stage, please do!

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Please keep posts ON TOPIC to costuming!

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Unsure of something

I'm looking at my mask, and while I know for a fact the muzzle's the right length, I'm thinking, from top to bottom, that it's too wide.. Opinions on this? A link to my heads page is in another recent post. I just don't want to get halfway done, and go "Oops, it's too wide" x.x
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Hi there! *waves a panda paw*

As you can see, I'm new and I've been looking at many a different site for possibly purchasing a head, full/partial suit. But after being somewhat .."nagged" (=)~) by chipperfox I may even decide to make my own? .. I'm still not quite sure..

I saw all the tutorials everyone has provided and I hope in the future everyone here will begin to see my first attempts!!

I'm also anxious to see what everyone is up to, especially since it's so close to Halloween!
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