October 11th, 2004

Carving Foam

Alright, I've been talking to a friend about this, and she said she just uses plain scissors. I'm wondering if any of you have used anything other than scissors when trimming the foam for your Fursuit heads, especially for the finer details, and how much luck you've had with them. Just seeing what options I have other than scissors, if indeed.. any :)
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two furries at Burning Man Decompression

I ran into a couple of suiters last night, and I wanted to just say hi and all that. There was a Raccoon that I think said his name was Timudru--I don't actually remember. And a big, pointy -headed fox with triangular eyes.

Anyway, fi y'all are on this list...


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Does anyone know what, exactly, are the RULES on copyright, what are the unwritten rules/things that are tolerated, and what is good ettiquate?

A few of my masks have been well known COMMERCIAL copyrighted characters. That's fine, they're for personal use, I'm not making money off them. basically they're 3D fan art. Now, I *think* the copyright owners might be allowed to tell me to stop (like that whole buffy website thing a while back), but have no reason to, as I'm in no way harming them. I've not heard of a large, commercial copyright holder preventing a costume of their character being made/worn for personal use.

What about copyrighted characters built for sale? clearly if I did this I'd be making money off a character I don't own, what are the legal rules on this, and what's the attitude of the copyright holder (for example, I've seen dozens of people who make Anime costumes of copyrighted characters, for sale, with no reports of falling foul of the characters owners). I know a few people on here have built anime character fursuits and later sold them, is the attitude of American and Japanese companies different (as it is with US fanfic vs Japanese dojinshis)?

If a furry artist drew a character I wanted to make a suit of, I would most definately get permission before going ahead. Even though the legalities are no different to big corporate characters, it just feels like good manners when the artist holds the copyright rather than a company.

So I was just wondering if anyone had experience of this kind of thing......any copyright lawyers on here? ;D


Got out of the house today, borrowed a little bit of money from my mom since my check hasn't arrived yet, and went out to get the majority of the things needed for my Fursuit head. Fur, foam, glue gun to use, equipment for what are going to be my "Boingy ears", you'll understand when I post the materials, and the photos :) So I'm well on my way here, I feel very accomplished. I raided almost every fabric store within fifty miles though, trying to find the right fur, and what I did find is kinda scruffy looking, but it works well enough. Pics shall be posted as soon as I have at least a little progress on the boingy ears :D
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(no subject)

It's old news already but haven't posted it here, so I have to dissapoint you folks, as my mascoting gig (http://www.livejournal.com/community/fursuit/351444.html) was given to someone else, so I'm not performing tomorrow... :( I guess it was because when I went to show myself to a advertising company offering this job I had a temperature and I didn't feel so well, so they eventually thought I'm not active enough. They promised that they'll keep contact and they need performers on Christmas-time, but I will not be doing them Santa!
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Hind paws...

I was wondering, is there a way to make a set of paws using a pair of old shoes, fur (of course), and a buttload of polyfill? I've been looking for tutorials, and aside from matrices's, the only ones I've found are the crappy round slipper kind. I was thinking I could glue fur to the bottom of the shoe, stuff the fill inside, and use the yarn method to make the toes, but wanted a few suggestions before actualy going for it, can't find any more fur, and don't want to fubar the last bit I have...
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