October 14th, 2004


Finding Fur


I'm sure this question is overasked, but does anyone know of any good places to find fur for costumes? I went to my Wal-Mart and they had nothing.. JoAnn didn't have what I wanted.

I have heard of Monterey Mills before but dont know any info on them.

Thanks for any input!
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Hi hi!

I've been fiddling around with paws (I managed to find dense/short black fur for 3.99/yd! Score!), and I keep having the same problem over and over again.

I always have trouble turning my paws inside out, because the tips of the paws are almost always a bit wider than the finger at the knuckle.

When you're cutting patterns, how do you manage to allow full seam allowance in that little "v" between your fingers? I can never seem to do it without a bit of tapering. At first I thought it was the fur itself giving me some trouble because of the pile, but I went back to early experiments I've done with fleece and I had the same problem.

...I do plan on trying that sew-only-one-side thing once I get this problem squared away, though. I really like the way those paws turned out, Matrices!
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How I do my eyes

People have asked how I did Cheshire, Surge, and Tsuki's eyes, so here's a quick rundown.

Step 1: design your eyes (I use http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com as my reference) to be slightly larger than the size of your plastic domes. I use plastic egg domes, which are sold in the same area at JoAnn Fabrics as the plastic spheres. I just design one eye, and then flip the image horizontally.
Step 2: print it out at 300dpi
Step 3: cut the eyes out, leaving a border of 3/4" past the edge of the eyes
Step 4: glue the eyes down onto cardstock (bristol, white backs of greeting cards, or watercolor paper), trim away the extra.
Step 5: using an x-acto, cut out the pupils. take a black marker and color in the white edges inside the pupil hole. At this step, you can add any special effects like glow in the dark paint, blacklight reactive paints, glitter, whatever.
Step 6: turn the eyes over, and glue down two layers of black sheer fabric. I use organza, but chiffon works very well, too.
Step 7: place the plastic dome onto the flat eye, and using your glue gun, trace all around the eye (so the glue is on the outside of the eye). Once the glue is cool, trim away all of the extra paper. Repeat for the other eye.

Here's what Poison's eyes looked like before they were mounted in her head.
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Tail Question

I'm working on a new tail, has a chain core to give it some weight and swing, with a Armacell pipe insulation sleeve. The downside is, the tail pretty much hangs straight down. I'm thinking of using something like a delrin rod, maybe 1/8" diameter, something to give it a bit of curve. I don't want it to stand straight up or out, but to have a bit of a curve. Any suggestions on what to use? I'm looking for something that'll hold a light curve, but still be flexible enough not to snap if it's bent.
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New schtuff!

OK, Wyoons stuff is done, and out the door. Just putting the finishing touches on Lilly as well. Still need to hear back from Bab's before I finalize her though. ^.^ So just posting Wyoons new white dawggy for now.

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