October 15th, 2004

barn owl

Super tails

Hi again all! I am working on a fully feathered raven mask, I hope to have it done sometime in the next few weeks. I will get pictures of it up then. :)

For now I will spam you with these; I have a few really great tails for sale. I can dye feathers myself and can get pretty much any color. I also have access to many feather types, including some amazing grouse and pheasant feather tails up to 8 inches in diameter. I can also cut great 'wolf tail' lengths of a foot or two. I will be toting some of these to MFF 2004 with me this year. I also have some nice (and relatively inexspensive) feather wings in different sizes. Email me if you are interested in any of this, eventually I will get them up for sale on my site.



Thanks for looking!

-Foxfeather R. Wold
Foxloft Studios

The ears of doom

Alright, after hearing out quite a few people, and staring at my fursuit head for who knows how long, I officially decided that I'm going to redo the ears. They ended up too.. perked, and at different angles and heights. I'm wondering if you can all take a look at them, here: http://woodwindblack.tripod.com/fur_oct13.html and tell me exactly how they look.. odd. Any help would be appreciated, I need to know how to fix these evil Jackal ears.
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aztec head

More Progress

I started foaming the head today!

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I wasn't really sure where to start, but I think it turned out decent enough. :) I think I will end up making the bottom jaw smaller, per Lacy's (?) suggestion, although I did have another question about it. Right now the bottom jaw is just a strip of mesh around the edge.. how do you make it solid (for placing the inside of the mouth, tounge, teeth, etc.)? Do you guys just put a top and bottom mesh piece in there?

Thanks! :3
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Patch Puppy head ALMOST done!

Things left to do: Figure out what way to do the eyes, what color of the eyes, Sew the tongue in, and make new teeth that will be anchored better.

So, here is BINGO!


Next is the body!

PS: if anyone wants to donate paws, unmatching paws would be funny from four different fursuit makers! Just a thought!
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Chance Karpour

One more for the weekend

Lilly head! Funky spikes! NFT is fun for hair, not for entire bodies imho. :) It's ability to be dyed any colour, and then styled as you wish is unique. The stretch-backing material is kinda weak though to rely on for a body fur. Would work if coupled with a lycra backing material to take up the stress on the fur. Anyhow, pics!

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Dia has been telling me I should join the group and I finally got around to saying hi. I mainly make masks (www.kangena.co.uk) although I’ve also made assorted bits of fursuit stuff. I got a partial fox suit up for auction here and im already working on furring up one of my wolfy heads here.

Never quite gotten around to making a full suit. With luck hanging around here should change all that. =O)

Straight ears

These things are looking quite a bit better than they did not that long ago. I actually managed to get the ears off the head in one peice, to reposition them. Here are the pics of them looking so much more even. If they look at all off, I'd appreciate if somebody tells me x.x

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