October 16th, 2004


ok becides the fact that i have been busy doing homework "LOL YA RIGHT..... noble doing home work LOL" and my other job" i am 60% done trans suit
http://noble.timduru.org/transfox.php along with some other stuff butt i am not 100% done them yet , all i got to do for this suit is finish up the body :) hopeing to finish it within the next 5 days, i modified the face on this suit to, more anima-ish now

btw i got the fur for my noble suit a few days ago along with some other fur for a drsgon suit some one is commsioning me for :) i got 3.5 yards of long white, and 3.5 yards of short white eheheh gonna be super muscluer "spell?"
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um hi *waves*

hi i'm new to the whole furry thing and i'm looking to make my first fursuit which happens to a friends ocelot fusona. i've found some basic ideas but i'm wondering if i can get any tips or help on making the body of it. want to make it relatively close fitting not to tight he cnat move but not really big and baggy. wondering if there any suggestions or patterns suggestions i can get?
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Hi everyone,

I am currently working on my first fursuit, which I decieded to make an anthropomorphic Kirin (a Japanese Unicorn). I am starting off with the bottom and going up, so right now I am busy working on the hooves, which consqeuntly will be part of my Halloween costume (I am going as a satry for Howloween), for the time being until I get the rest of the suit done. My dead line is hoping to be Fur Con in January where I will be premiering my full suit.

Anyway here is my production Journal where you can follow the progress of the hooves. I tried to be precise in possible, keeping in mind anyone who would want to try the project themselves, or incase I myself want to reproduce the hooves again.

Production Journal

Any tips or suggestions on how I can improve it are welcome.

Oh an just so ya'll know where I am working from, I got my idea from Varric, and his page on How to make Digtigrade Legs and Hooves.
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Califur fursuiting event

(crossposted to fursuit-list and to the Fursuit community on Livejournal)

Here's what's going on - for purposes of planning, we're wondering who's interested.

I don't want to go into too much gushy detail that says the same thing, so it boils down to that, with the low tunout at last year's fursuit show, we want to know who's interested in participating in such an event at Califur 1 in May - and if we don't get enough response (something like three isn't very many, for instance), we are planning on just aborting it and possibly putting it in with the variety show/cabaret.

If you could respond off list to dennisthetiger@gmail.com (or just reply to this post) and let me know, I'd appreciate it. Being a fursuiter-to-be, I'm lookign forward to seeing something like this, but we need a little more interest than what we had last year.

(obligatory plug) BTW, Go to the website. (/obligatory plug)

Thanks, -Dennis Carr

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The semi-on-topic project I've been working on for three months is starting to come together. The mask is nearly done, and I showed it off (not wearing it, but having it slung over my shoulder) today at Motor City Comic Con. I had a blast - I had several people recognize it as Sammael from the Hellboy movie (yay!), and a great many people stopped me to ask if it was Cthulu (I corrected them, of course) and tell me how great they thought it was. I even managed to unintentionally scare a kid at one point, so I guess I've done well on it thus far.

And my big moment was when none other than Guy Davis (one of the artists who work on the B.P.R.D. comics, a spinoff of the Hellboy comics) enthusiastically complimented me and asked if it was ok for the girl who was with him to take a picture. He's even eager to see it completed! I was walking around all giddy-like after that!

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