October 21st, 2004


OK, Time to hear from YOU guys... TAKE THIS POLL PLEASE!

Since some people felt forced into using FursuitAuctions, I am going to let YOU, the USERS decide how we run this place. Please take the Poll. I will follow whatever "wins" in two weeks.

Poll #370221 Fursuit Auctions, YES OR NO

Should LJ FURSUIT allow Fursuit Auctions to be posted?

Yes, only Once though!
Yes, as many times as they want
Yes, but Post in LJ FursuitAuctions Too
No, Post them in LJ FursuitAuctions Only

How many times should a person be able to post Progress Pics/Posts?

Once only
Three Times
Beginning and Ending
As many times as they want
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maly threading the needle

More on Tsuki

Well, until a ruling is made one way or the other as to how much we can post here with our projects, here's some more Tsukinowa, the blue and black asian dragon. In the cut are pictures of his horns and ears before attaching them to the head, two pictures of the back of the head 'hood' that I made, a few pictures of the head with everything pinned, and three shots of seiryuu26 wearing Tsuki so far. To finish Tsuki, I need the horns to be attached (the paint finish isn't done on them yet), and I need to sculpt and add all of the teeth. Also, I'm not sure what (if anything) I'll be doing for whiskers on him yet, and if the fiber optics will be something I consider. I was thinking about maybe making a tube of the blue fur, and then inserting the fiber optics inside, so that the fur-tube would glow. Maybe not, though.
All of my in-progress pictures from now on will be found in malysuits, I'm going to slow down on my posts here for the people that would rather just see tutorials and finished suits. Is there anything I do uniquely that people would like to see a tutorial for in the future?
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cute hedgehog
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My Halloween costume isn't furry (it's gonna be the Angel of Death) but it will/should have working wings. I'm considering this to be a "dry run" on the dragon 'suit I keep threatening to make. If I get them working, I'll post the progress shots once I'm finished. (Oh, and you will all laugh... Let's just say that I love duct tape. It's a magical adhesive.)

Anyway, I was looking through the memories here and checking out schematics of wings. They seem to be divided into three main categories: static (non-moving), moving and string powered, or moving and supercomplicatedelectronics powered. I had to revise that to add a third moving wing category: lever powered.

Remember this site? They look cool (but VERY heavy) but I couldn't figure out how they opened the wings... Did they have strings? Where did they attach it? I dug around a bit in their subdirectories last night and found a page with actual schematics. Scroll all the way to the bottom (and ignore the text, which has nothing at all to do with wings...) They have little handles on the ends of the uprights - pushing outward opens the wings. I can't figure out what the slide locks are for, though.

Anyway, thought you might find that interesting. (oh, and phar, if you read this - shhh! My costume's a secret for now! ^.^ )
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Kinda Related...

For Yule this year... I only want one thing...

A plushie (a good one) of Darenth. (My dragon)

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Anyone know anyone who makes plushies? Or who can help me find where to make one?

<3 Chris

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Foxtaur Spy

Choosing a Foam

Just a simple question on plans I am having for making my own costume on Foam. I have been picking around e-bay to try to figure out what kind of Foam I should use for making a head. I like that Ski Mask way (can't spell what ever the word is) and was going to see about working out something like that. On E-bay I see stuff like This that looks like it may be good but I don't know what kind of thickness I should look for, if that is actualy worth getting, and what is best used to carve it. I have done wood carving in the past so am pretty fimilar with carving things into a 3D shape, just foam just seems like it would have to much give to it to use a knife properly.



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Paws, I did it!

After many, many horrible mistakes which will not be shared with anybody, lest I be forced to hide under a rock, I managed to make decent paws! With claws! They're not quite what I expected, the claws aren't as sturdily set on the tops of the fingers as I would have liked, but these will work as something for Halloween, and as my paws until I figure out a more sturdy way of holding claws in place (I'm thinking of using thimbles, the rounded kind). If anyone has suggestions, please do tell! These were sewn together, one side fake fur, the other a type of spandex, and the claws were hotglued on a strip of elastic, then placed in the open tips of the fingers, the flaps that surround it hotglued into place. It gave it a little bit more scritch power, but not a whole lot. You can see the progress pics Here: http://woodwindblack.tripod.com/paws_oct212004.html
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