October 24th, 2004

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Almost there

Yay!  I finally got a workable prototype of my Redrock Fursuit to show everyone.

It's about 85% done.  I still got some tweaks and minor details to finish up.  But I posted a pic of me in it on DA.


You all know that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he shaved that red Gossamer monster?  Well that's what my room and living room looked like by the time I was done with this tonight!

Thanks for all the help everyone gave me for this project!  I apreciate it lots!
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Aibo ninja

Fursuit Head MakeOver (BlueNeko)

I decided to take on this challenge and make blueneko look like an actual feline (and less like a blue spotty fox). I suggested a few things and worked some magic on it. If you are interested in knowing what I did more in depth just ask me and i will try to answer all questions ;).

Take a look and tell me what you think:

enjoy =D
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Live Long and Prosper
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First and Lasts

Ok, I've scoured the memories and at least 200 entries back to make sure that there wasn't already something like this up.

I've resigned myself to doing many more heads before I finally start seeing some solid work coming from myself. I was very happy when I FIRST finished my first one, but when I looked more closely I realized just how far the fursuiting industry has come even just since I've been in the fandom. Now that I've come to terms with how far I have to go, it's actually gotten pretty motivating. I've started looking foreward to seeing that distant-future head that will show the improvement of the work that stands between now and then. I'm a very 'progress oriented' person in my arting and crafting and if NOTHING else will motivate me, the thought: 'Well just think how good I'll be 10 pictures/heads/suits from now!' will get me going.

So for those of you who have been working and pioneering in fursuiting for a while- would you care to share a link to your first or earliest recorded head, and one of your most recents? I think it would be a lot of fun and very motivating for those of us still 'just getting into it,' and it may even be pleasant for you to look back on and reflect on your progress :3
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Interesting Link

I was looking through the fursuit section for Furbid and saw this company selling some tails:

Silver Seams

I've never heard of them before but they apparently make fursuits, tails, ears as well as plushies, basic renaissance costumes and some interesting plushies. They also sell fur for what looks like a good price. They don't have a lot of pictures up though unfortunately. Their catalog only has a fursuit with an open face (body suit, paws, feet, but head is just a hood with ears), but they sell quite a few different accessories. Their prices are ok for some things but rather high for others, like $50 for a set of ears. Just thought I'd share this with everyone, was wondering if anyone else has heard of this company and/or done business with them.