October 31st, 2004

Sakaki and Kamineko

Footpaws idea...

I think I might have found a good method of doing footpaws. How about building them over those rubber boots that just slip over your feet(I think they call them duckboots but I'm not sure)? You could just match the fur pattern up to the boot to cover it up to the top. It would probvably work nicely tucking the boot under the leg of the fursuit to make the transition a bit more seamless in case the legs are a bit too short. It would work great for the legs of my sheep suit if I can find some of those real tall wader boots, since I made the suit to be modular and the plain fabric leggings I tried failed miserably. x.x

Don't know if people use this method already. I haven't tried it myself yet but I'm planning on it for future suits.
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Hopefully appropriate

I'm not sure if this is okay to post here. It's fursuit related, but I'm not posting about how I do anything. I'm in New York right now, and I'm wondering if anybody knows of any really good places there to get fake fur. The Joannes on statin island only had.. for lack of a better term.. crap fur, it was yucky, but I bought a little just so I had something to work with while I'm here. Please let me know! :D
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Just somethin' interesting...

I was looking on this site today and I got a link to a costume site. It had a section for mascot costumes and I decided to look at them, some are good looking. But I saw this ice pack thing for your neck and clicked to see what it was. It took me to this page:
It has some other interesting things there. Go check it out if your costume makes you hot all the time.
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Searching for some colours

I'm looking for some colors of fur. ^_^

I need:

Slate blue-ish
Midnight blue/dark blue

All in naps kind of longer because it's for a fox tail. ^^ Thanks!

edit: I also am offering a bit of some wolf fur that I have. I got it from JoAnn's last year for Halloween, never really used it. It's not really of super high quality, but it would do the job for something like a tail maybe? I'd be willing to trade it plus some moneys for these furs I'm looking for. ^_^ Thanks!

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Jax - Snarlyspikey by Seely!

Halloween mall fun, and a new suit!

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Headed to a local mall to entertain a WHOLE lot of little kids for a halloween event with hmo. Just finished a suit of one of his characters for him! He's the evil looking fox, named 'Griefer', highly stylized and cattish looking due to the artist rendition he gave me. Balaclava base, moving jaw, and my favorite color combo there is. It was fun to try something not 'OMGCUTE' for once! I'm the stocky little collie, of course!

Wondertwin powers.... ACTIVATE! .... I don't know really. xD

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Sparky Goggles

Whoo!! My first REAL outing.

Interestingly enough, my first outing in-suit was also the first time I ever went trick-or-treating... and, yeah.. I'm 16.

But, it was fun!
I'll have more on it, and more pictures, in my personal journal either later tonight or sometime tomorrow.


Happy Halloween, you guys!
Hope you all have/had a pleasant evening. =3
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the final Redrock fursuit

I've actually had it done for a few days, but didn't get a chance to get decent photos until now cause I been so BUSY with Halloween stuffs.


I added the black around the eyes as per growly's suggestion, and I must say THANK YOU MAN cause it REALLY helped it out. I also added whiskers with fishingline, re-enforced some of the hair points with thread, and added a few tweaks in the inside so I don't scalp myself when I take it off.  I also added the studded armnband to the right arm because that's what I REALLY wear, since Red is based off of me.  I wanted to do one on both arms, but I had to buy TWO of the things at Party city for it to be big enough, and I really didn't wanna spend $20 on armbands since my budget was already running dry for the thing.

I wore it to Rocky Horror last night, and a lot of my friends and other people REALLY loved it.  They thought I ordered it and were surprised when I said I made it myself.  I even managed to get on stage for one of the pre-floor shows! 

And tonight I passed out candy with it.  Ahh those innocent little kids.  I got called everything from a lion, to dog, to cat, to *grumbles* CLIFFORD, but I had a blast with it!  Especially the REALLY little kids that kept going "kitty!"

Thanks you guys for the help. I couldn't have done it without you!  Despite the frustration and 2nd degree hot glue gun burns, I am officially HOOKED now.  Definatly making another one!
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(no subject)

Hello-Im new ... would be good to see people and people to see me... !!!! Would be good to hear from others on here, I have posted some pictures of my suits, including my brand new Kitty Kat costume on my journal ....


All the best


Halloween Fursuit Stuff

These really are't the best pictures, so I apologize. My camera has issues and it was dark out plus bad lighting, street lamps are no help.
But for now this is the best pictures of my full suit I have until I'm able to take decent ones inside.
But atleast is shows something.

I didn't wear my foot-paws because I didn't want them to get dirty, if you were wondering. :P

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