November 2nd, 2004


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I know lotsa people use the balaclava as a foundation for their fursuit heads, but can someone tell me HOW exactly you would go about doing that? Do you just glue foam onto it or what? It seems to me that it would end up being flimsy or something.. Maybe I'm just not getting it.

Fuzzy Paws

I was looking around on the LJ site the other day, and I came across someone who had made a really cute set of fleece paws and a hat. I can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know where I can find this entry?
Chance Karpour

New head for SevenWolf, Xposted

Massive changes to the way I build heads on this one. New methods for the talking jaws, which actually works really damn well even with a soft foam head. Super comfy, no bitey plastic or metal in the chin. Also found new airbrush paint that is hella hella hella awesome. It bind to fur like glue, doesn't gum up my airbrush at all (on a size 3 tip it sprays with the consistency and flow of water), but costs about twice what my old createx does. Also anchored the teeth differently, so shouldn't drop a tooth at an inopportune moment if he bites someone. ^.^

Anyhow, I'm really pleased with how he came out, so here are some pics!

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Fursuit habits / rituals

I was sitting here with a bottle of Bawls, watching TV, and thinking, "I wonder what other people do while they're working on stuff?"
So I've got to ask - what do you do while working on your fursuiting projects? Do you have any favorite snacks or drinks that help you feel more creative? Do you prefer to work with music or TV on, or do you need it to be quiet? Any favorite music or shows? Do you sit online while working, or is it too distracting? Is there a place in your home dedicated to working on stuff, or do you just drag your project out wherever there's room to work?
Personally, I have to stay distracted and watch TV or a movie, music doesn't cut it for me. I prefer to have someone to talk with, either online or IRL (I have a craft night every Wednesday night). Candy or Doritos are a plus, and of course, I've got to have caffeine, either Code Red, Barq's, or now my new favorite, Bawls.