November 3rd, 2004


I Need You

I'm looking for someone in the Orlando area to perform as a lead for Sparky at Give Kids the World on either Friday or Saturday Night. Your responsibilities will include guiding and speaking of the behalf of Sparky Dragon. You may also on occasion need to take photos and record e-mails from families.

If you would like more details and see photos of the character please leave your e-mail address in a response to this post.
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All I need's is some COURAGE!

Yesterday and today I worked on my new lion mask for photography. We're going to be telling a story through photos, and our group chose The Wizard of Oz. Excited at the prospect of suiting for school, I chose to be the Cowardly Lion. ^_^
Still not sure what I'm doing for the body... I have a camel-colored shirt I can wear to go with it, but dunno bout pants. I don't think I have the time or money to make a full-fledged suit, so I'm having to cut a lot of corners, hehe. I had a nice costume idea for a green renaissance looking vest and a pair of purple/red pants, but I have no idea where I'd get it. Thrift shop maybe? Do they even MAKE vests anymore? O_o
Anyways, here's pictures of the mask so far!

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All in all, I'm pleased with how he's turning out, particularly his leonine face. :D He's coming out a little toony, but I suppose that's okay. As always, comments and criticism appreciated. ^_^
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