November 5th, 2004

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Baphomet (crossposted everywhere)

Well its finally done. After about 9 months of work and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 hours, Baphomet lives. Horses' Ghost asked me to make him a goat as realistic (non-anthro) as posible, so thats what I've tried to do. Specificaly, its a cross between two breeds he liked, a San Clemente and a Guernsey. The mask had its debut at Oklacon during halloween weekend, and he looked very intimidating standing around the bonfire under a full moon on Hallows Eve! It does have a working jaw, and the hardest part of the whole thing was probably getting the skin to stretch and fold right at the corners of the mouth. Forehoof gloves and digitigrade rear hooves are still in progress, I'll post more pics of the complete suit being worn when the accessories are done. It was a real challenge but I'm very happy with the results, looking forward to doing more uber-realistic style work in the future. Upcoming comission projects include a trio of minotaurs, a great dane, a pegasus and a clydesdale pony.

Anyways since my website is currently being rebuilt and moved to a new home, a few pics and a small movie have temporarily been posted here:


- Bayne
Crazyhorse Studios
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What's up.

I figured I might as well mention what I've been up to, though due to my lack of digicam I have no photos yet. But though the Halloween rush is over, I'm already booked up through to FC with stuff! Admittedly, quite a bit of this is because there's a large chunk in there where I'll be visiting the boyfriend, and will get almost nothing done.

So today I got a start on some projects that definitely need doing, including doing the whole mesh framework for two heads. It's amazing how fast mesh can go when you just sit down and work at it. I did an otter, for Deyna, and a wolf, for Lacy. I plan on finishing the otter within the next two weeks. The wolf I thankfully have more time on.

I also meant to start the ferret head for Ark, but that's the project I'm doing a photodocumentary on for my photography class, and I was out of black and white film for it! So I'll have to pick some up tomorrow. Along with some more color film, so I can get pics of all this. Even on my day off, I'm busybusy.