November 7th, 2004

A word of thanks!

Not too long ago, I placed an ad about wanting a body suit and head to be done, and I just want to thank everyone who was willing to leave a comment and let me know if they were interested. ^_^

I'm waiting to see what Rezzit's heads look like before making a final decision, and I'm highly considering Lacy's offer! Thank you both!

Lacy- In about a week or two, I'll contact you about a body suit. I'm still debating if I should get feet and hand paws done by you as well, or to keep the original ones I have..

But in case I don't contact either or you, it's because a friend of mine is so avid about us making our own, which I'm all for.. I just don't trust my abilities :( Thank you very much for your patience.
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