November 14th, 2004

Cissy Smooch

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I am making a fox tail for a friend of mine and I have never made one before, I will also be making a lion tail for myself. What is best way to have to attach to the persons clothing??
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Mesh for eyes?


I don't think I've ever posted here before, but I'm an avid reader (or lurker as I think the t'internet phrase is!)

Anyways, quick question, I want to fit mesh over the eye holes of a recently acquired head, the holes being currently open at the moment, I'm after a black mesh, but I'm unsure of the best type to use, my other head has a hard mesh which has been painted, so it's hard to tell what it looked like originally? The eye holes are very small, pupil size, and are in very close proximity to my own eyes when worn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


Constructive critiscism?

I hacve decided to re-make my fox head. My first attempt was good, but about twice as large as it should have been! But for a forst attempt I think I dod alright.

This time round I'm starting with a plastic mesh base and adding some foam around it. I've managed to get a pretty good working jaw, and it's pretty light and comfortable on. I've got to the point of adding the foam, but before I do that I'd like some critique; I'm not completely happy with the muzzle, and if anyone can suggest improvements, there and elsewhere, I'd be most grateful!

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I know the lower jaw looks lopsided, but it is in fact pretty straight when worn. For some reason placing the head on an olive oil bottle wonkied it! ^^

I'm planning on adding a little foam between the eyes to increase the angle between head and muzzle. Also a bit round rhe eyebrows and some cheek ruffs.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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In search of

I'm currently in search of some raqther unusual colored fur, hopefully a copper or bronse color in two or three inch thickness. Can anyone tell me if that is even made?

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Welcome to Portland, Oregon's first Fursuit Bocce Tournament

Not exactly an "extreme" sport perhaps, but this link to my livejournal will provide pictures (by photographer caffeinepuppy for oregonfurs) of what Portland area fursuiters can do on a cool, dry Saturday afternoon for fun (see, it doesn't always rain here!). It gave us a good chance to entertain the many passersby who stopped to watch and ask questions about our suits, our hobby, and the furry community in general.
A great time was had by participants and spectators alike. It goes without saying that this might become a regular feature of our monthly parkmeets (weather permitting).

featuring thrashwolf, damoncanine, bennetfox, gustyfox, and nashiri

(Now the link works!)
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