November 16th, 2004

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I wish I'd had my camera last night. My boyfriend and I went to visit a friend of his who does a lot of artistic projects in his free time. He was telling us about a halloween party he went to with a Vegas theme, then he went to put on the costume to show us. It was a Montecore costume, the white tiger that mauled Roy of Siegfried & Roy. It was awesome, the body was very simply, just a tiger striped linen jumpsuit with white fur on the stomach but the head was a massive paper mache open mouth mascot style head. He had a leather collar on it studded with giant fake gems, a Montecore name tag and a plastic chain that a friend dressed up as Mauled Roy walked him in on. It was very amusing. I'd never seen anyone make a full paper mache fursuit head, it was pretty nice, he's working on another for a friend of his who rps an Aardvark character.

Fursuit troubles

I have a bit of a problem here that someone here might be able to help me with.

I started on a fruit bat fursuit with the help of Ostrich but he has gotten bogged down with RL and is unable to help me complete the costume. I'm a total newbie at fursuiting and very lacking in artistic skill and I don't feel I have the skills or the artistic ingenuity to finish the costume. I really wanted this done in time for Further Confusion given their Furries of the Nile theme.

So basically, I am looking for someone who can finish the costume for me in time for the con.

I currently have the body mostly done, though it needs wings and some adjusting to hide the velcro seam I use to get in. We had started on the feet, he carved one and I did my best on the other but it needs some polishing and then fur added to them. The head isn't started at all, but I have a block of foam that is ready to carve into a head. However if that is not your method, I can always sell that foam block to someone else who wants it for their own use on a costume and you can make the head your own way.

I have all the fur needed and about 40-50% of the work done. I wish I could finish it up myself, but well, lack of talent, help and time have conspired to make that fairly unattainable.

Is anyone here interested and able to do that in time for the con? You can post here or email me at I'll need to know your basic prices (I can show you photos of the work in progress so you can figure out how much it will be to complete it) and also see some of your work (a link to it would do). Experience with a bat costume would also be good but not required if you think you know how to do good wings :)

Please let me know if you can help, I'll be most grateful for any help I can get!