November 20th, 2004

The progress of the demon cat

Well, so far I've got the ears and tail, and I'm almost done with the hand paws. After that, just need the feetpaws and leggings, and I'll be done, then the whole thing goes up for sale, and we see if anybody likes my style. Here are a few pictures of the ears and tail. Thoughts are appreciated. In advance though, I know the ears look crooked, they're really not, I just have a disability when it comes to photographing the things straight, they look better in person, I swear.
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A question for chapeljax;
How did you do the eyes on your Laurence fursuit? They're just lovely, a nice mix of cartoon and realism, and I think I'd like to do something similar on the head I'm currently working on.

Of course if it's a trade secret I don't mind. ;)
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