November 21st, 2004

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I may have gotten a cold, but that's not holding me back none fursuit-wise! :D I started the bare bones of my possum girl's head last night and I got REALLY far on it today- all that's left is completing the furring and making the eyes (still debating what I'm going to do for those).
I must have worked for about 6 hours today, with a dinner break in between.
I know I shouldn't start any new projects until I get my others done, but I just don't gots enough dough to buy fur for the other suits, and once you get the fursuit bug, you just GOTTA make something, yanno?
So, without further ado, meet my possum girl in progress!
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My favorite part about her so far is definitely her cute pink nosie. ^^ While she may not have looked a whole lot like a possum in the foam stages, I think the nose makes it a lot more obvious. And of course, the paws and tail will help too, when they're done. :3
I'm going to give her hair too, to help her look more feminine and anthro. I'm thinking long blonde hair.
I also want to make the eyes look nice and feminine... do you have any suggestions for that?
And should I add whiskers?
Oh yeah, and she needs a name too. xD I might name her Clarissa if I can't find anything else I like better.
Comments and criticisms appreciated. ^_^
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Eye Help

Sorry for posting again, but I need some help with my possum's eyes... I drew out one on paper and taped it on to see how it would look, and see how the vision would be, and there's just something off about it. I think maybe I need to tilt in inwards a bit so it's more slanted, perhaps... dunno. I think I also may have overdid the feminine thing, cuz now she's looking a little slutty.
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Help would be appreciated.
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I call him Ranger. I guess he would be considered a Samoyed.
It's a name my younger brother came up with while we were joking about something related to the suit. I liked it, so it stuck.

Just in time for Christmas, I'm hoping to get him out in the town Christmas parade this year. The head, hand paws, and tail were done by Arend Studios @
The body was done with the help of a talented mother. I mean that literally. :) *Thanks MOM*
The Feet were done by me.

I already know I have to lengthen the legs. They were done after the pictures were taken. I think I'll put a better quality long mat fur over the cheap stuff I have on the chest right now. If I don't do the whole thing, I'll do a "V" down from the head. That way there is a kind of a taper from head downward of long fur. OH and YEA, I have to put some paw pads on the hand and foot paws or make more later.

I'm open to some Critiques. The only thing is that nothing can be done with the head. The body and such might be able to be modded later.

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