November 22nd, 2004


A Question

for anyone with tips out there, when making a multiple fur colored tail lets say Fox tail to start simple for me ^-^ how do most of you do them do you cut out the separate peices and sew the different patches together ? (like the fox red to the white) then combine them and stuff etc? or do you sew on the white tuft after stuffing etc? Im debating trying my hands at a fox tail and I figured it just seems tomake more sense to cut them out sew the peieces together then work them vs sewing the white parts last after stuffing. Im curiouse also how when I see ppl do two toned tails like siberian huskies how you properly cut thoes to match up any tips for me to further learn im very thankful!

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First Fursuit

My mate suggested the other night that I make my own fursuit in leu of buying one. I've decided to at least make an attempt. I'm just going to make a partial, and I have a pretty good idea of how to do the paws and tail. The only problem that I have is making the head. Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to make a feline head? (peferably specifically tiger, but, any will work) All of the one that I've seen online are canines...

Starting comissions

Due to the need to get a sewing machine of my own so that I can actually KEEP fursuiting, and to get a bit more practice under my belt, I'm starting partial fursuit comissions. Prices are not set in stone, as I'm somewhat inexperienced, they would be discussed with each individual, depending on the work they wanted done, fur cost, difficulty of aquiring said fur, ect. All I ask for is patience (I'm a tad slow, being a somewhat beginner, and having to borrow a sewing machine), understanding (I might mess up the first time, meaning.. a second try in some cases, which, if it's a mistake that was wholly my fault, I'm willing to do) and a little bit of encouragement, as well as constructive critisism. And maybe a good whack upside the head on occassion, if I lose my focus. :) Since I don't want to spam the LJ with picture after picture, I'll just post my E-mail (It's: and ask anyone who is interested, or who knows someone who might be, if they can email me. I'll send them pictures of what I've done so far, gladly. If that doesn't work, feel free to respond to this, I'm on alot, so I should be pretty quick to respond :) For the fursuit LJ, if this isn't good for the topic, I appologize, and understand if you feel the need to get rid of it.
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