November 23rd, 2004

Fursuit Goodness, another finished suit *Grin*...

Finished another project,


Finished him last week, but wanted the buyer of this suit to parade it around MFF in person before I unveiled it. A lot of work went into this one, namely on the tail and head fur, as I had to custom dye that blueish gray. I had to take a week off after this one, mainly because I didn’t get a break after nearly killing my self on Sparky ( )…

But any who, Enjoy *Grin*…

For those interested in commissioning me, you will find most all the info you need about a commission here:

Please note:
I am not taking any more commissions until I get caught up, and get some “Me Time”. I have been pushing myself really hard lately, and will as a result be slowing down just a bit to prevent burn out. I throw a lot of me into these projects, and if I don’t refuel, no one will get one, not even me…

To all those that have sent me e-mails recently, and have not gotten an answer; I do apologize, between my laziness, and workload I have not had the motivations to answer my mail, or talk on-line.

Now on to the next project, design sketches soon to come.

Enjoy *Grin*
Ryngs Rakune

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I need to find somebody who does custom made leatherwork. I need something made, a fairly small something, before Christmas. Anybody who can help me out will have my eternal gratitude! (And yes, it does have something to do with fursuiting, as the thing I need is to go with a fursuit. But I can't say what, as I never know if somebody who is supposed to be surprised by it may be reading this...)