November 24th, 2004

Knee high Snow
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Zebra at MFF

Phar the zebra-roo made her debute at Midwest Furfest 2004 to pretty decent review. For my first suit, I'm fairly satisfied with the results. The lenses I used for the eyes were far too dark for me to enjoy the Saturday dance atmosphere, and I think I'll be installing a fan before toting her to another furry con for extended wearing... but wow. For my first forray into the fursuiting group, it was amazing.
It'll be a while before I can hunt down all the photos I remember posing for. :)

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List of MFF Pictures! (tons of Fursuit pics here)

Please post a reply to this if yours or some you know are not on this list!!!

PICTURES I HAVE FOUND SO FAR: Thanks to Frysco for hosting all of these! Included here so far are: Alopex, Brown leopard, Diadexxus, Kwip, Latin Vixen, Perro and Wildfox Arcturax's Panda Guy's NautaCeta's BungeeSkunk's Bungee's too? (second grouping)
Captain Slyboots

Performance Question

I've got a question for any of you who might have quad suits or might have a character that ever runs around on all fours, if there are any! The ground is hard. What kind of padding can you put on your arms and hands so that you can lope a little like the guys in the Cirque Du Soliel and Planet of the Apes? (The Tim Burton version.) My suits tend to be MUCH more monstery than mascoty and I treat them more like theater performance characters than costumes or mascots, and I'd like to be able to lope at a con for fun and giggles, but don't want to do damage to my hands or arms or shoulders while doing it. So any input, feedback, suggestions, claims that I'm absolutely nuts or just hmmms would be useful. (Or at least mutually entertaining!) :D

Edit: Thanks for the comments, guys! I think what I'm looking for is something that will allow me to lope like the guys in Planet of the Apes, but without breaking my wrist, i.e. putting the weight on my forearms instead of my hands.(Plus I wont have wires or mats to aid me, so I'll have to have my own padding with me. I also want to be able to use my fingers, so maybe something like a backwards rollerblade wrist guard, where the fingers will be okay? Maybe something that comes down the back of my forearm? I also don't want to mash my fingers if I set them down a bit and put my weight on them, you know? :)

Thanks for the input, again...I can see this'll take some doing, as I don't want to have my back legs be straight or on stilts..bending them like the image above is fine.
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