November 25th, 2004


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Wow...the last two days I've been grinning like the cheshire cat because I got about the highest compliment I could possibly get on my Sammael costume, which I posted pictures of here a few weeks back. Guillermo del Toro, the director of the Hellboy movie and the guy responsible for Sammael existing in the first place, loves my costume. I recently joined up with the forum that's part of the new official del Toro fansite and decided to use my Sammy user pic there, and it attracted his attention!

Since Guillermo was also a creature FX guy at one point, he also gave me a tip for using foam latex, should I ever get any and upgrade my costume. I figured I'd pass it along to you guys. From the man himself:

We used UPHOLSTRY FOAM for some large tentacles and in order to "fine texture" them we used to mix -from a foam latex kit ordered from BURMAN FOAM- A measure of Latex base and half a measure of "gelling agent" (the grey stuff) and use a loose sponge to "sponge" the surface wet.

We then let it dry and then "tool it" with some wooden sculpting tools wetted in light, sopay water. That would give your sammy a lot of "wrinkle and pore" life.

First Fursuit, Just a bit of head

Well, finally pulled out some time and decided, "Why not make a fursuit".  And soon the "what have I gotten myself into" will undoubtedly set in.</br> Anyhow, if anyone has any comments on my white tig'r, please make em :^  Harsh criticism is more helpful than people tend to make it out to be.
(I suck at writing posts x.x)

3 more images located here.

The texts were inconsistant, and couldn't be trusted.  There was no way the forces could have defeated a single member of Briots, let alone the entire clan.  Something must have backfired.

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Fursuit Images!

Well I thought about making this a nice big ol' post with picture descriptions and embedded images buuut I realized I had over 20 of them so I decided against that. Instead Ill just post a link list to all the ones I took! Rar. Some of them look strange.. my head-hair was fluffed up odd on some and no one bothered to tell me.. and the white part is sometimes crooked, but you get the idea!

The pictures taken are of my suit for my character Griefer, a black/white/red fox made by Jax! Collapse )