November 26th, 2004



My mate Xander The Bluexandertheblue, is looking for someone to make him a suit. He's not sure exactally how he'd want it accomplished, but seems to be open to alot of ideas. Here's the concept he drew.

He says he hasn't decided IF he's going to go through with it yet, but does want to look at what can be done.
Jadaira Fiodeus

Looking for commissions for AC 2005

Im sure this community gets alot of these, so i'll keep it short.
I am new to the art of fursuit building, but I feel I have accomplished
enough to warrent self-advertising ^_^
Take a look at my last two suits, judge them for yourself.
The Techphin appeared at AC 2004, and the Wishing Dragon appeared at MFF 2004.
Both of these suits were built within 6 months.
I am open to pretty mutch any type of suit, complicated or not, so I cant give a price range.
Everything is negotiable of course.
Feel free to drop me an email if you are curious.
wishingdolphin hotmail com
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