November 27th, 2004

The debut of the Demon Cat

And it was a smash hit, even with a non furry crowd. Everybody wanted to touch, look, and be scritched by it, and a good number of people asked for my contact information, wanting costumes, ranging from just ears, or just paws, to more elaborate getups. I'm aware that few of those actually pan out, but it's a better turnout than I expected, and it was FUN, which was more the point of the whole thing than anything else. Unfortunately, my camera takes crap for pictures when it's dark, so a dark club really isn't a good place to be photographing demon cats, so me and Bladespark took a few photo's before hand. I'll post those she took of me, if she's comfortable, she can post those I took of her in another post. Oh yes, the paws were the funnest part. The claws are huge, so you can't do much with them on aside from scritch, but they cup the fingers nicely, so they're very steady, and generally just hilariously fun to run around in. :D
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