November 28th, 2004

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slightly o/t, but I'm wanting to ask redstorm something about the mask in her icon

Hi! Umm, It IS 'suiting related. I've found someone int he UK who's looking for a mask similar to the Lyonshel I use for the puppy and kitty suits, but they live in the UK. And I know that redstorm makes some kind of LRP masks. I was looking for a website I could throw people to, but I faied to do so. So, umm... yeah...

I'm corrupting the "normals" on another web site. I'm getting them interested in performance in suit. :)
by Nanook
  • aurafox

Got my entire partial suit! =) Yaaaa444y!

Okay, so I didn't have a digital camera, but there is a webcam here, so I had to break down and just take pictures with it instead. Yes, I'm perfectly aware that the quality of these pics straight up suck, but here they are anyway, horribly blurry or not. (Note: it looks better IRL. I'm sure you all understand how horrible pictures can make things out to me. Anyway, here!)

Here I am!! Hiiiiiii! n_n

Thank you fauxpawroo for making the head. *many hugs, again* =)

Since the other pics of the paws and tail came out really -really- bad due to the webcam being stupid, I'll probably just leave them unposted for now. =)

Also, handy dancy, the webcam can record videos!! If anybody wants to see a Smash Melee video of any sort, lemme know because I can make them now! (and hopefully they won't be as crappy as the other pics I took were, lololol!) ^_^

-Aurafox (haven't posted in a community before, so hopefully I posted correctly here. Sorry if I didn't!)
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I finally finished foaming my cougar head and now I'm ready to fur it. I saw on someones website that they used news paper to have as a pattern first, I'm going to do that to make sure I don't waste my precioussssss fur. Sorry, had a Gollum moment there. I know how to cut the fur out with out killing the fur, but how to attach it to the head? I think someone used hot glue to glue the fur down. I will be gluing it on plastic canvas mesh and some on the foam I have. And also, how do you hide the seams of the fur on the head when gluing? The fur's hair length is very short, not even half an inch and can't hide all that much for furring mistakes. But it looks VERY good for a cougar suit and it's soft. OK...Thanks! =^_^=

(I'll be posting up pictures of it after I'm done with this big English project for school!)
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Another newbie

Heyo, im Sol and im completely new at fursuiting. you probably all know noble, hes a very good furend of mine and suggested i come here, i would love to learn more about fursuits, like how-to's and find out where you guys buy supplies and stuff..

i dont know if i'll be able to start making fursuits any time soon myself cause i have no time or $$, but im gonna get noble to make me one.

i would like to try making them in the future, and if anyfur has any good pointers i would really appreciate it.