November 30th, 2004


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I've got pics of the Seusscat outfit. So named because it looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, it's one of the cuter things I've done so far. I wore it out clubbing with Naya last week, and while I'll admit her demon cat drew most of the attention, I think the Seusscat came off pretty well too. (Hey, it's hard to compete with 4" claws when you've just got your human hands.)

It was inspired by my happening to come into posession of a cheap top hat and bow tie that just begged for matching fuzzy stuff. So, ta da!

It's currently up for auction on furbid. I'd love to keep it, but I'm too broke.

So, what do you think?
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"Critter Costuming - Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits" by Adam Riggs

Whether you are considering making a fursuit for the first time, or want to learn a few new tricks of the trade, then nicodemusrat's new book is the book you've been looking for. At 208 pages, 300+ b&w photographs and over 50 charts and diagrams, there is greatness in this handy cost-effectively spiral-bound tome for both newbies and veterans alike.

The book emphasizes learning to construct your own fursuit through the repeated hands-on experience that just about anyone can achieve, while pointing out that there is no shame in curbing your expectations in your initial efforts - never get discourgaed, and always have fun doing it. By example, the step-by-step development and construction of the author's "Blue Raccoon" character (one of the featured critters on the front cover), from initial sketches to finished fursuit, is provided. Twelve different fursuiters lend their knowledge as well in the interspersed "Professional Profiles", each relating personal designing, construction and performing experiences of their own. Some of the questions answered within the pages of this book might seem self-evident to more experienced individuals, but never have they been posed in such an orderly, easy-to-understand fashion.

Anong the more interesting inclusions in the book for me include: the importance of props and accessories in developing a fursuit character and where to find/buy them; the apparent "equation" that ultrarealistic-appearing eyes is often inversely proportional to both good vision and child-friendly expressions; where to get Monterey Mills and National Fiber Technologies fabric sample cards at resonable cost; photos of the actual "Tools and Materials" products in their cans, bottles and boxes (a real godsend if you've ever shopped for some of these supplies and have no idea exactly what it is you're looking for); wonderfully detailed charts comparing various glues & adhesives, foam rubbers, dyes & paints - absolutely invaulable; the ten "Character Commandments" in performing in your fursuit, with peformance tips and warnings on frequent mistakes; directions on maintaining and storing your fursuit.

I strongly recommend this book. It is printed by Ibexa Press (they have a website through ), priced at US $36.95 (well worth the investment). It is currently available at, but to try to order it through your local bookstore, use the book's ISBN number: 0967817072.
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[EVENT] Furst Night Pittsburgh! 12/31/04

(Please pardon the X-posting)

Bark and a lick furiends!

Just wanted to drop a line and remind folks about the annual Furst Night Gathering in Pittsburgh, PA, the last local furry event of 2004 and the first one for 2005. :)

We get together for fun and fellowship as we enjoy the cultural events and entertainment of First Night Pittsburgh, an annual event full of family oriented activities taking place at dozens of downtown Pittsburgh venues. Then we ring in the New Year with fireworks. All this for the cost of a $20 button which goes to support the arts in the region.

After the fireworks, the group gathers at my den as we warm up to a friendly fire and toast in the New Year together.

For more information please go out to the event website at or email me at events @ for more information and to RSVP.

Hope to hear from you! In the meantime, have a happy and safe holiday season!


Swift Fox
Live Long and Prosper
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Thank You

I just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my 'How Do You Make Horns' entry a few weeks ago. My horns (and other pieces) came out fairly well, and I've got a ton of material for what I'm going to try differently next time.

For those interested in my still-unnamed Falcor-esque Dragon project (aka, those of you waiting for my fur=fursuit head deal,) I've gotten all the latex pieces out of the mold. All I have to do is pigment them and then I'll be ready to fix them on the head and begin furring it. The tail is also finished, and is the most collassal thing I've ever seen. It's four-five feet long and enormous. I'm so thrilled about the shape it came out to, curving well off of the butt, going directly down and then sweeping back to trail on the floor.

That reminds me. The sheer weight of the tail makes the usual two-straps with a belt through them ploy ineffective. It doesn't sit flush with the back because it's dragged down. Have any of you ever had this problem before? What fixes could I make that would be more permanent than just adding a few safety pins to bear the weight?
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It's rare I post but I figure with FC around the corner and people on the prowl for unique and well made suits I thought I would remind people that the squeaky puppy DOES build suits for other people. My site is updated and has lots of examples of my work. Art commissions are also available. (Great if you need a Christmas card done)
Feel free to visit it at
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