December 1st, 2004


hi all, well enough lurking. im going to attempt to make my own suit & am asking for tips on just how the heck i get started. any do's & dont's? I want to make a bear more in the realistic side but still have a bit of a toonish look. any help greatly appreciated. i still have to come up with a sketch of just how i want it to look. this seems to be the hardest part. (im a pick bear) I have seen ones with movable jaws & would love to try & make one of those. Thanks

Scales, scales, and more scales

I'm currently working on a fursuit for a close friend, and since his character's a dragon, the suit most definately calls for scales. I'm not entirely sure what would be the best way to do this, and I was wondering if anybody on here might have some good suggestions? Or even if someone knew of some good scale fabric? Anything in the right direction would be appreciated at this point, thanks! Incidentally, here's the progress page for the character.
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I've looked and looked and still I don't know what to use for the bottom of my Fursuits feet. I haven't started them yet but I know what I'm going to do to build them. I wanted to use some type of fabric on the bottom to hide the ugly sole of the shoe if I was laying down with the bottom of my feet in view. But my mom and I agree, fabric will wear away very easily and will leave even uglier hole on the bottom of my feet! AHHHH! Any suggestions?
~Captain Cougar
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