December 12th, 2004

Sparky Goggles

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Hey, hey.

Quick question.

What's the best way / how do you guys store your fursuit heads?

See, I've got mine on my couch... but... yeah. That doesn't work so well if, you know, I feel like sitting on my couch. So, suggestions? I don't want them to get crushed.

Thank you all very much in advance. Tips, et cetera, are muchly appreciated.
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Happy Bat

Otter suit

alright, so I'm working on this otter because I'm a huge otter lover! Anyweay his name is David and I really like how he's come out so far. Here's a kinda craptacualr picture. I have yet to give him wiskers.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on anything about this. I'm going to make a whole fursuit but I want to give it a bit of padding. Still, I'm not sure if trying padding on my first hopefully presentable fursuit is entirely smart. I do have a pattern, should I just use that for the suit? How about the tail? How would I attach that to the suit so it looks right? Yes, it's going to be a very long and thick otter tail so sewing at the seam just wouldn't look right, ya know?

I've made some craptracular heads before and I'm still new at all this but I love to do it. Alot of people put me down, some fursuiters are just plain mean, ya know? So it's hard to get advice and constructive critism.

Well anyway, an advice regarding this otter suit would be helpful ^.^

Thanks everyone!
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the master

New suit

I am working on a new suit... It is, once again, just a partial, and it will use the same fur as Gulo, but I hope that it will come out a little better.
I hope to have it done by Megaplex.
Thankfully, it should cost less than 50 bucks altogether, which is nice for right now. I am broke.

Here is a privce list so far.

Boots: 8.00
Vest: 10.00
Shirt: 10.00
Hat: 5.00
Pants: already have
Fur: already have
Mesh: already have
Foam: already have
Rod: 5.00
Glue: already have
Needle: already have
Thread: already have

It doesnt really give away WHAT it is yet.. I will wait till I have some pics first. :)

I am an evil otter. :) (No, it isnt an otter, nor a wolverine.)
Cissy Smooch

(no subject)

I completed my first ever tail. I do have a question though. On the tuft there is a seam that is only noticable if the fur is brushed the wrong way, my question: Is there anything I can use to keep the fur up and over the seam?? Say like hairspray for example??
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