December 27th, 2004


A Christmas Story

The job of a handler is not easy. It is a big job keeping the suiter out of trouble, doing crowd control, and taking pictures. While not to heap more responsibility onto this person there is something that he/she can do to promote the idea that fursuiters are kind-hearted folks and not something out of "CSI." My handler has begun to offer people the chance for whole families to be included in pictures. If you see a parent taking a picture of the suiter and a child/children, offer to take the picture for them so they could be included. The handler will get a crash course in operating every type of camera on the market. My handler and I have also been offering photos for folks who don't have cameras. This is a lot of work, getting the person's information and then emailing them later, but there are rewards to that. We have done this a few times and sometimes get a "thank you" later. I have even gone as far as printing off pictures and sending them to people via snail mail if they didn't have a computer.

I fursuited on Christmas Eve as Nevada the Polar Bear and was swarmed by people wanting pictures. There was one father and his baby daughter that were so cute that my handler took a pic of us. The father didn't have a camera but he gave my handler his email. That evening I emailed the pic to him. The next day I received a short thank you but it touched my heart. It was the little girl's first real Christmas. She loved the polar bear. It was also the family's first Xmas in New Mexico and they didn't realize how beautiful the Plaza was on Christmas Eve, so they had left the camera at home. They were so thrilled that they now had a picture to capture the memory of the night. icon
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Couple of new heads

Been really busy over the holiday and finished a couple of new heads. One is a commission and the other was made by me and my boyfriend. ;) We finished most of the for fun head project together in a day's time (carving and all the furring), but the final detailing was completed over the past couple days and I actually took a breather and a little more time.

I've also put this guy up for auction:

The wolf/canine that's up for grabs:

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i have a bit of a problem thats cropped up, over the christmas i took a bit of a fall while in suit and messed up my knee yet again. it wouldn't stop me from going out again save for the fact the knee brace i have to wear is quite big and clunky, give me that whole Mad Max look which is nothing near what my suits character is, would anyone out there know anywhere i may get a smaller brace that i might be able to wear under suit?

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can someone help me?

first of all, happy holidays to all! i just spent much of today running around and managed to pick up some ToolDip (for noses) but im having a horrible time finding foam for a fursuit head. :( i seriously cant find it anywhere at all. can someone suggest something or someplace? id really appreciate it!
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Just a curious question, but has anyone ever fursuited at an anime convention? If so, what kind of reactions did you get? I know there is a little crossing over between the two fandoms, but is there so much one that there are toony animals walking around A-Kon or Anime Boston? ;)
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Foofers, this one's for you.

Foofers had an interesting idea in a comment a few posts back, about possibly getting together an armored-furs photo shoot. Other groups could get involved in other shoots, but I'm curious; does anyone have a good professional-quality camera, and a willingness to do a dedicated shoot?