December 28th, 2004


Tail and hand paws help

Hey everyone! My head and footpaws are complete! Now I need a few tips and some advice on the tail and hand paws:

First off, the tail. I want it to be a tail that curls up, like in a happy dog-ish way. My first though was to do this by tailoring the fur into an upwards arch and then place a straightened coat hanger in along with the stuffing. Is this a bad idea or a good idea? If not, then what should I do thats easy and cheap to make it curl up.

Now, the hand paws. I would like to make them "poofy" but it looks awfully hard to use your hands with that type of paws... also the only tutorial i can find on poofy paws (link on the fursuit LJ page) is a tad confusing. Is the best answer to just do reg. paws? Oh! and on the paws I was thinking of doing one the red color, and the other the tan color. I was wondering if that would just end up looking weird, since symetrical markings seem to be the "thing" to do for fursuits.

Thank you all for your help, hope to hear from you!
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im dying to get a few yards of that monterey mills fur but i cant buy anything online :( is there anyfur who would be willing to buy me a few yards of what i need in exchange for a check or money order of what it cost? please let me know. thanx guys
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I've recently been pondering about a suit. I don't plan on making this anytime soon. It would be a dragon suit. The thing is that I wouldn't want to use any kind of fur in the construction of it. Would there be any other materials to use besides latex? Any images of such a suit would big help as well. Thanks :3
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