January 2nd, 2006

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hi there, i'm just stopping by to ask a question. i browsed the memories but my question is really specific and i don't know where to go. i've never made a fursuit before, i'm not even making one now (i'm making an ewok costume), and i figure you guys would offer the best advice.

my question's about "grooming" faux fur. the lady who cut it for me was really careless and it's all rubbed up against itself on one side. also, at the points where it was folded on the bolt of fabric the fur is really nappy and pointing in every which direction. i've been using my hand to rub it out but i feel like there are better methods for straightening out the hairs.

also, is faux fur iron-safe? it's got a few wrinkles here and there and i don't want my ewok to look like a weird grandpa.

any advice is greatly appreciated. :)

Archie Nelson the Bully Bear

I just finished my second fursuit head! He's my character, a bully named Archie Nelson. He's a black and white bear with green eyes and a goatee. I still need to put a nose on the head. I'm going to pick up some Fimo at Joanns when it stops raining.

The head's made out of foam, using Growly's foam head technique in the group's memories.

There are 6 more pictures behind the cut.

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Fur inscriptions

What do you get when you cross a fascination for Japanese kanji with fursuiting? You get fur inscriptions!

Click for construction gallery

This was just a test to see how it would come out, so I only worked with a foot-square piece of fur. I needed a simple character to do. The character for "test" would have been nasty, so I used this more appropriate one: "fur."

I'm pleased with the results, but one thing I would definitely do differently if I could would be to cut a master pattern out of muslin or card stock. I freehanded this onto the gray fur and traced the cutout onto the white fur, which led to some interesting size deviations. To attach the pieces, I hotglued muslin to bridge the two pieces.

The technique I used for this is an extension of the same one used to add "spots" to a fabric. From my experiences in working with fur, I found it far simpler and more rewarding to simply use a "bridge" piece behind the fur rather than try to sew or glue the two pieces to each other.

Perhaps on future suits I will add designs using this method!

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