January 4th, 2006


Kinda important

I've come to a snag in my furring of da head. I need about a sqare foot of white fur that I don't have. If anyone has any or knows where I can get some I will be forever thankful.

Thanks in advance!

Edit; Opes forgot the lenght I'm using 2 and ahalf pile for the maine colour, I want something alittle sorter if I can get it. I would go head and buy it myself, but it would be ckind of a use to buy a yard when I only need a foot
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Effektstudion is back on web

Noticed that a swedish effect company Effectstudio has their website back again, after two years of absent having no time to update their site... busy guys ~.O

They do mostly TV stuff for Scandinavia area and have made some really cool characters over the years. My favourites are the characters for a children TV show "Nu är det Nu" (swedish title) where 9 different dog characters play around. Also the hamster character they made for a Sprite commercial is truly awesome! See the portfolio->videos for more detail... and enjoy ^_^

Btw, Göran Lundström, the head of the company, did a movie called Evil Ed with his friends before starting up the company, if you want to know his talents on artistic side ~.O

Plastic domes eyes

Hey everyone! I need some help, i am making yet another head and i don't know where to get those plastic sphere dome eyes and what size do buy. Can someone help me out please? Any pics of them? Thanks!

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Hi, thanks for the eye comments, I will check there soon. And i am making a bodysuit and i don't know how to attach the lycra to the fur of the bodysuit. Do you attach it at all or does it hand in there? thanks!

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