January 5th, 2006

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Questions about my Bunny Head

Hey ya'll. Been a long time since my last post. I finally got around to starting back work on my Purple Radical Rabbit the Protest bunny, and I wanted to post my progress.
I decided to scrap the old mask because many people told me it was too lopsided, and started in on a new mask.
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So at this point I have 3 important questions
1. Does the mask appear to be even?
2. What would be the best way to attach the ears that would have them stand up?
3. I am having troble making a hinging jaw. If anyone could point me to a good tutorial for how to make my jaw hinged so it will open.

Any other suggestions or type would also be greatly apperciated.
Thanks in advance.
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i have the bulk of the head done. my attempt with rigging the back lip to curl with the opening of the mouth would work great with a thinner fabric. but because the fur is so thick you cant really see it go up. with a little refinement i believe this simple rigging would work great. i still have to decide what to do for the eyes. i had printed out a picture of a bears iris onto transparency paper & replaced the black in the center with clear. i had a problem getting the plastic to curve around a small globe but was thinking to try & keep the real look of the eye trying to print it out on a iron-on paper & seeing if i could get it to iron on to a nylon stocking. i fear the nylon may melt under the heat. i may still go with taxidermy eyes but this depends on the out come of the rest of the head. if its looking to be toony i will just paint on some eyes. the fur i used is so thick & soft my professional set of barber shears will not cut the fur so i have a lot of hand trimming to do.Collapse )

Compromising in the 'head model' issue

Greetings all,

I first want to thank everyone for all the helpful input regarding making a lifecast/model of my head....after much research and deliberation it's clear that doing a cast of my head is out of the question for now, 'do-it-yourself' is far too dangerouse, and having a tech do it would be way to expensive.

so here's plan B:

I need to find a generric head model, (mannequin head, wig stand, ect) that closely matches my head size and basic shape. what I'd be looking for is a male head, head circ. as close to 23" around as possible.

anybody know a good place/website to find something like that?

or does anyone know of a better way to build a fursuit head to match your own head shape?

THX all, BlazerRaccoon
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Emo SW =|

Head progress

Well I thought I'd show you guys what I've got done on my head so far. I've got the frame finished, eyes installed and a bit of fur put on as well as his eyebrow ring. The pink hair isn't glued down yet, I'm still not sure if I want pink or if I want purple hair *laughs* I'm not a big fan of the color pink but I think it will stand out nicely against the black fur. I changed some things sence his concept sketch, such as adding the tuft of 'beard' fur, some jewlry, and changing/removing some markings. I think once of the eyes is a little... lower than the other but I can't do alot about it at this point... Meh. Any tips would be nice.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Anyone here own a Sailrite(Zigzag model)?

I'm having issues with the machine jamming, on all thread tension settings. It's quite clearly the underbobbin(Which is properly wound and set on tightly and correctly), and I can't seem to be able to use anything thinner than upholstery thread without the needle just shearing it to pieces.

Any advice on this?
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Before I Foam it...

Firstly thank to all of ya'll who gave me advice on my pervious post.

I made a little more progress on my mask tonight. I took ya'lls advice and slimmed down the muzzle some. I would like to know if ya'll think this enough or if I need to slim it down more before I foam it. Also I need ya'lls feeback on the ears. I like of like the way they flop over, and I was wondering if there was a way I could make them both stand up and flop over when I fur it?
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Also I am about to make the jaw hinged. I am not sure how to use the rubber bands to make the jaw open when I open my mouth. As always any advice or tips ya'll could give me would be greatly appercaited.