January 6th, 2006


hello all

Howdy all..just thought i'd say hello since i've just joined this group..been doing fursuit realted items for a while now so i figured it was time to join.If you follow my LJ postings you'll fine pictures and links to some of my work..take care

realistic cloven hand hooves

I am finally somewhat finished my first cloven hand-hooves prototype...
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This is just a prototype and is unfinished as yet. I was just eager to get my idea put together in some for, to see how good it really would look in RL :D

So my question now is, is there any interest in these sort of handpaws. If so, I will consider making a few sets to sell in the future. Otherwise, I will simply make them for myself. I could find no real information about hand hooves, and that can mean either disinterst or that it is a niche waiting to be explored.
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Finished Ferret!

I finished him! (Well, not completely, since the feet fur isn't glued on, just pinned) But close enough! I found a Harlem Globe Trotters jersey in a thrift store today, and it was perfect for Torque! Pictures behind the cut. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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i am redoing my school mascot, as a gift, since i made the "orginal and its some where on my site back in 2004" so i am making a new verson with better skills, since this is my last year :), i like how this head turned out :) "working on the rest soon"

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