January 7th, 2006

Blue Gnoll

Props for costumes!

(I hope it's ok to post here, let me know if not)

Every costume needs props, and with FC this year having a renaissance/medieval theme, Primal Visions are now selling prop weapons.

These replica weapons are combat SAFE. They are made of a closed cell (rigid) foam with a rubber coating. No sharp or hard parts to injure yourself or others. They are safer to fight with than the hard plastic ones kids buy in Toys R Us, but made to look much more realistic. They are lightweight, and fun to weild.
These replica weapons are sometimes used in the background of films.

Click to see them!

We will be selling these at FC, but wanted to preview them to you first.

Sorry that our shopping cart isn't active, as the development is delayed till the end of the month, but give us an email or a phone call and we'll take care of you.
We will be able to accept credit cards in the next few days, (we'll let you know) until then we accept Paypal at a 2% (of total order) charge.

We will accept cash, cards and paypal at FC as well.

So ... have a look, let us know what you think.

I'm looking forward to seeing some armed critters about. :)

Fursuit transportation?! o.0

So here's the lil dillema here. I'm gonna be taking my fursuit on a plane for the first time, and been told "ACTIONPACKER YO!".......however it appears Rubbermaid doesn't play that game anymore.

So now I ask! What would be a good alternative? And the best method of going about it so the thing doesn't end up getting opened and thrown all over a flight?

Thank you!
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I have a character who I'm going to be turning into a fursuit, but the character is a dog corpse. On the left side of his mouth, his jaw bones are showing. When I make the head, what should I make the bones out of(something not expensive)?
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I've seen many styles of tails around the web, many look exactly the same. I'm wondering if theres a pattern or something thats available for use of maybe a wolf or dragon tail? Or at least somewhere I may be able to find something similar.
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