January 8th, 2006


hi everyone, I have some problems now, i am making my character black beak the evil gryphon into a head and im not clear on how to make my carved beak rounded, i was using scissors and a axacto-knife but its not turning out the way i want it to. Does anyone know how to or what to use? if so let me know thanks!

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Hi, i am just wondering, when you glue hot glue to green/white foam, and either attach to foams together or apply fur to it, it gives off this nasty smell and im wondering, is it something I did or it it normal or what? thanks!
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otter head

I still have all the small fiddly bits left to finish, but she looked so cute lying on my desk, I decided to take a picture. And I wanted to update the commissioner. I'll take a better pict when she's done.

I especially like the ears.

moving jaw

Here is a pict of a head I made that incorperates a moving jaws with no hinges, where the bottom jaw is totally detatched from the upper jaw, except for elastic. And the wearer's jaw fits on top. It is simple and gives good results.

But I would like help regarding how to fur this area. Or in changing the design so I can fur it and make it look seamless when opened.

The problem being that I cannot glue or otherwise attach anything to the elastic, or it will not stretch anymore. But if I fur only to the edge of the jaws, it sometimes leaves a pretty noticable gap when the jaw is open.

And, although I have only tried this my pinning the fur on, I assume that gluing one piece of fur over the divide will not work as it is not stretchy enough. And, if I leave it looser, it would give the costume baggy 'jowles'.

I've managed to fix things up in the heads I have made, doing whatever works best with each one, but it takes a bit of time and effort to figure out how to best disguise this gap, with out sacrificing jaw movement, and I'd like a more foolproof way of doing things.

The only really foolproof idea I have come up with is to fit the lower jaw inside the upper jaw, so there is no gap, even when open, but this potentially creates new problems in function and design.

All ideas (or even half ideas of simply bits of thoughts) are welcome :)

OMG weeeeeeee. I'm Xena!

Damsel/Queen head done for St. Annes. Odd requests. Very odd. I find that non-anthro suits are a challenge since I don't get the chance to do many. I think the noodle hair is scary, but they love it :> Would look way creey with a wig IMHO, so spandex 'hair' was the idea. Was built to match the Knight they bought earlier, so had to use the same spandex matterials.

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