January 9th, 2006

PVC and stuff

Hey, I need some links to sites that sell lightweight PVC in colors orange and yellow of a head i am making, and i don't know where to get it besides Mendel's. And is it possible to make blalclava's a bit smaller? Becuase i have 1 that is too lose, and i wanted to know if i could shorten it a bit. And also i am looking for a plastic cheap toy usually from partystores but its a septer that has a open dragon hand and it holds a ball(made of plastic and is attached) and is hollow, i need it as for an accesorie for my dark evil gryphon that im gonna have at conventions. if any one knows where i can get one plz lemme know! And as i work on my black beak head i'll put pics behind the cut, but i don't have any now, and im looking for someone who does wing commsions, my wing idea is it's about 4 feet long at most, and it has different fur patterns and its half folded and would be not attached to anything, (i would do that myself) for something no less that $50 because i don't have that much money at the moment. If you are interested, drop me an email at spirit_wolf12@hotmail.com and we could talk about the details. Thanks!



Hi, Rose_quoll had an entry on bongo horn commsion and i can't find it, and i might be inerested. Did she delete it? i saw it today. And another thing, is there an age limit to fursuit convetions? and what happens there?(will go to one soon). Thanks!


PS. i will do a trade with someone who can make gryphon wings for me(they don't move at all), drop an email if your interested!
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Hey, does anyone do plushie commsions? i wanted to know because i want my character to be a plushie. If you can do that stuff drop me an email or MSN me at spirit_wolf12@hotmail.com(im on now!) and i can show you pics of what i want. Thanks!
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Rebuild of Karoi's Head: KAROI 2.0

OK. After much personal debate and some pointers from friends...I desided to redo Karoi's head. YEEESH was it a pain in the butt! Next time, if there is a "next time", I will be doing my OWN head frame (Karoi's head frame was made by someone else to be used for a different project, and VERY different from what I needed. Jaw too small in areas
and...ugh. It was a pain.) so it will be much easier to get anatomy and get the jaw right!! Let along eye placement! Yikes!

Please excuse large pictures.

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So there you guys go. Voila! Comments, and Critique VERY VERY welcome, and wanted.

Karoi will be seen at FurtherConfusion 2006 this year as well!
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How do you transport a full fursuit via plane? I'm taking Southwest to Further confusion. getting the suit into luggage isn't a problem, but I'm wondering on my head. And how often are pieces of luggage lost on a journey? I don't want my suit put into the belly of a plane and then never see it again. What's the best way to do this?