January 10th, 2006

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Unsure if this is out of the lines of this community or not, if it isn't then feel free to delete. I am attending FC here in 9 days, and am stuck on which suit I should take...Both Pro and Cons...and I only want to lug one suit. Neither has appeared at a con (with me that is)

((Half Suit - Unable to wear glasses in suit, rendering my sight))
image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/dormito/IMG_0347.jpg


((Head, Hands, Tail - Able to wear my glasses under it, but its a bit large for my head and causeing the snout to be heavy on me. I will take foam to the convention if I take this suit in hopes to put it in the suit so I can wear her. She also does NOT have any feet paws))
image: http://www.dragonnetworks.net/cons/mff05/bigimages/MFF05-263.jpg

Also keep in mind that with either of these suits, I will be wearing a medieval like garb. Here is me poseing in it with Glowstickk...
image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/dormito/1cff2b52.jpg
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Bear head finished!

*pant* *gasp*

yes indeed it is! and MAN and i really digging this one! the mouth moves wonderful and the eye sight is kick ass. i love the way this guy came out. i have had him done for about a week now but i was waiting for some sun so i could take some decent photos. my studio is in my cellar and well that doesn't take very good photos =\ don't mind the grey stuff in the mouth, it's my "head cast/form" under there.

see i had some brown fur laying around, and it was just screaming bear to me so, why not! the eyes are glass taxidermy eyes and you see out of the tear ducts. i made the teeth and the tounge, this time. usually i just buy a mouth cast and just paint it. but this time i wanted to make it my self.

also i never noticed that bears don't have dark muzzles.... i swore i saw a bear with a dark muzzle...oh well. i was going to change it but the glue wouldn't budge lol
also i just adore the lip lol i love that bottom bear lip lol it's just so cool.

this guy is also for sale. i should be posting him up on furbid soon. i want to keep him...but feeding the reptiles is more important.

i have another finished mask but i forgot to take photos x__x ( take some for me keeper!)

anyways pictures under the cut Collapse )
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Destruction is NICE!

'Foxfire' partial in progress!

Hey all! With some time off for holiday break and no space to attempt a big project, I came across some lovely neon orange fur at the local JoAnn's and decided to make a headless partial! Follow the link for a picture. So far it's shoulder-length handpaws and a tail, but I'll likely make ears and feetpaws once I get back to school and have access to all my materials.

Picture time! http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27512347/ (crappy because it hides the elbow pattern!)

Construction notes: Paws and tail both made of short pile neon orange and black fur. The black stuff is really soft, the orange is a bit more stiff but that works well for the upper sleeves. Elbow tufts and tail tip made of black shag (hard to see in the photo, but there's a fire pattern to the shag on the tail too!). Pawpads made of neon yellow vinyl, machine stitched with a zig-zag stitch. The palm pads are padded with batting. Claws are there, but they're hard to see! Black Sculpy with a coating of satin acrylic varnish, hot glued on. On the handpaws, all stitching done by hand, then reinforced with machine finishing to all edges. On the tail, the fire pattern is hand-stitched, other seams machine stitched and finished.

Gotta get some better pictures! The flame pattern on the handpaws occurs at the elbow line for me, which is a nice effect! The sleeves are also wide enough to allow me to wear the paws over a sweatshirt, which is a bonus for outdoor suiting this time of year. May eventually sell this as a headless partial set. Since I also have made a pattern from these, I may open up commissions for this design, if people are interested. Thanks for looking!

new fursuit head

This is the BlackFire suit head i have had on a back shelf for months. Finally got around to making it. Should be finished by FC.

Please let me know comments/anything i can do to make it better..

Eyes, muzzle/teeth, and eyebrows not added at this time. No markings yet.

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I'm making a fursuit of one of my characters, who happens to be a dog corpse. His spine shows through his fur in his back. How would I make his spine, without restricting the bodysuit to be non-washable?
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San Francisco and FC2006

It took my a while to decide what fursuits to bring for FurtherConfusion (I have 7 - all self made).
It'll be my first time in the US - it's a long flight from Germany, I hope my suits survive the transport.
I'll bring those two:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Fussel and Erios

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I'm traveling with Furvan (f_u_r_v_a_n). We'll be in San Francisco from the 13th, flying back on the 28th.

Are there some good places to make fursuit-pictures in San Francisco and the surrounding area?

Anyone interested in discussing animatronic-ideas for fursuits at FC?