January 11th, 2006

neck padding

EDIT: Here is a photoshopped image to help explain what I mean.

Although it's reasonably common when drawing realistic animal anthros, a strong, padded neck is not something I have seen in very many fursuits.

What I mean is, on my next suit I would like to emphasis the animal/fursuit aspect and minimize the human-in-a-suit aspect.

To that end, I want to pad out my chest, lengthen my torso and shorten my legs, pad out my haunches, and (in an effort to make my neck look longer and head smaller) pad the back of my neck, so the shoulders meet the top of the head in a gradual slope. The end effect would be similar to that of a classical werewolf form.

Here is a picture I quickly found on the web to help illustrate.

This is the only fursuit I could find that's even somewhat close to what I want, although his hunched neck is even more extreme and I would like to do mine with short fur.

My question is: How do I pad out my neck, without making the head attached to the bodysuit?

Being located at my neck and back of head, this spot would be under alot of stress and movement, so I would hate to have any sort of fastening device there, lest it show or break. But I would also hate to have a suit where I couldn't take the head off it I got overheated or claustrophobic.

Has anyone made a suit with a strong/long neck? I know this is not a new concept and is a good technique for dragons especially.
Tony Stark - FIERCE

It lives!

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Still need to fix the tail so it doesn't hang so low, finish the other footpaw, then find a pair of wire rimmed fake glasses to perch atop the muzzle. And the Keepie suit will be finished!

For now. ;)

Original paws by me, wings added and head made by midori8.

Also, for those who don't know, Keeper is a mix of spotted hyena, fruit bat, koi, leech (the white things on the palms are leech mouths, mwaha), wolf and gerbil. Mmmm, genetic jumbles are fun!
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canada fur

Anyone know of any good internet sources for fur that deliver to Canada? I've looked and look but, so far, have only found companies that

1) are reputable but do not deliver outside of the US,
2) have a very poor fur selection, or
3) do not answer my email

I'm almost tempted to get it delivered to a 3rd party who can then pass it on, but the shipping expenses probably are not worth it.

EDIT: After one last search, I found these guys www.mendels.com

The prices are fairly reasonable, and the selection is good, AND they deliver to Canada using USPS (rather than USP) which is another point in their favor. Has anyone delt with them before? Are the furs they have nice?

Edit #2: I'm glad I asked! Okay, Mendel's is out and www.crcrafts.com and www.imstuffedfur.com are in instead.

Imstuffedfur looks to be pretty expensive, but they currently have no info on their plush, so I'd assume it's cheaper than the shag.

Edit #3: I finally got an email back from www.big4fabrics.com. Has anyone here used them before? So far, they have the cheapest prices at $12/yard.