January 12th, 2006

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yarn hair?

i remember someone long ago had commented on someone's post about yarn hair. like brushing it out or something like that. kinda like the cats from the broadway play CATS. i am going to be making a lion soon and i thought this would be perfect to use for the mane. hopefully the person see this, or someone else knows what i am talking about! cause i would love a how to.

hmm maybe i should ask about any other ideas for making a lions mane? i just thought the yarn looked very full much like a lions mane. any thoughts or ideas are most welcome!
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A fur question

Does anyone know if this fur : http://www.imstuffedfur.com/generic4.html listed as SP-40 is available anywhere else? Some months back I got a yard of the stuff from wal-mart for $13 a yard so I'm really loath to have to pay $25 a yard for the same stuff.... =/ but I really need it for a project so...
If anyone knows where I can get this fur for less than $25 a yard or who to ask about getting it then please let me know.
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Character sheet help needed

I intend to get a German Shepherd Dog fursuit (My first fursuit) made within the next few weeks, which I hope will become the definitive Shepsuit™

To achieve this, one of the things that I need is a character sheet showing front, rear, side, head and hand/foot paw views of the anthropomorphic version of Shep Shepherd in order that a costume maker can create the suit for me. I'm sure that most fursuiters/fursuit makers know what I mean, but check out this link to the character sheet of my pal Thalyi for clarification:


Calling all artists: Being a non-artist, I am not able to create a character sheet myself. Would any of you be able to create such a sheet for me (For a small consideration) once I furnish you with details of how I see Shep Shepherd as an anthropomorph? If so, please contact me at jebahaus@aol.com

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hey, does anyone know where i can get a dragon claw scepter? its hollow cheap plastic, it is like gray or some color like that, and its like a stick with an opened dragon hand thats holding a ball. But its all 1 piece and plastic, its kinda like a halloween costume acssesorie, but i don't know where to find it and its like 3 dollars or something. does any one know where i can get it? if so maybe a link or whatever. it for my gryphon costume, thanks!
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Advice needed o n Foaming the head

Well I have reached the hardest part of my mask construction and started tonight toying around with the foam I have. I have an old couch cusion I am going to carve up and use. However I am sort of an an impass here on what I should use to carve it. I have looked through a few tutorials and they reccomend a electrical knife. Is this the only that will give you a sastifactory result? Also I am having a hard time figuring out how to place the foam to make the head look like a bunny. I used tututorials of suits with longer muzzles, and while I want chubby cheeks and a bunny nose I don't want a really long snout. I'd apperciate any advice about where I could add the foam to make it look more like a bunny.
Here is a picture of my mask. I have already sealed the holes with baiting, I just don't have a camera to take a picture of my progress up to this point.
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Also where the heck is the best place to buy Poly foam? Can I get it a upolstry shops?