January 14th, 2006

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Hellhound is pretty much finished. Im not too proud of his eyes..it was my second attempt at 3d. I used the cut pieces of plastic and foamies. His teeth are made of sculpy..and his head is built off of a balaclava. Im thinking of taking out his 3d eyes and replacing them with regular dome ones...im pretty sure i positioned them wrong.

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Emo SW =|

Change of plans

Well you guys saw the pink frohawk that was going to be on my fursuit... I didn't like it much so I changed it and MUCH more pleased with this version! Take a look and tell me what you think? (Yeah I know I havn't made much progress on him, stupid job keeping me away from my fursuit... T_T'' of course I need the job to afford making fursuits, viscious cycle huh?)

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This one is purple, muuucchhh better *laughs*

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Finally makin' my suit


Steed here. Who, me? Just this yaller (Palomino) biker horse working on his first helmet, er, head. :)

Using five pieces of Styrofoam brand... well, styrofoam. Plan on stacking them after what I am doing now, hollowing out the lower four pieces for my knoggin'. Will also hollow out the long horse nose as much as possible after figuring out the eye holes and then cementing the pieces in a stack to finish off the exterior shapes and features. You know, the usual long face but smiling.

Not sure on eyes yet, but bought a sheet of white, plastic screenlike stuff. Flexible and I can see through fine, but will look strange up close. I think. Maybe. Was cheap so if I find something better, will use that.

Of course this cutting and sanding is out in the garage since the foam powder gets everywhere (including my hair as I try it on for fit) and clothing but such is life.

Something inbetween realistic and cartoony will result. Trying to keep it as lightweight as possible and will have to line the inside kinda like a helmet so it fits fairly snug but not uncomfortable to turn, lean, etc. (head motions) or, worse, fall off. Suggestions as to lining material?

Anyway, once I get this close to shape and fit, will take and post a few photos.


Wolf/Dog Head!

I just finished my 3rd fursuit head, and my first using mesh/foam! He has 3D eyes, a vinyl nose, Fimo teeth, and an adorable Fun Foam tongue! The vision is through the eyes (6 layers of Chiffon), but you can also see the ground out of his mouth. The ventilation and vision is excellent! And he is made from high quality gray(with black and white mixed in) and tan(with brown tips) fur from Joann's and Wal-Mart. He's really soft!

He's also up for sale on furbid right now.

Five more pictures behind the cut!

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