January 15th, 2006


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So, I'm wanting to start work sometime on a fursuit. The problem is my fursona character is NOT cute, cuddlable, or sweet. He wears a full tailored dress suit with polished shoes, and is very composed. As such, I'm having some difficulty figuring out how to design the head. It's odd that I can figure out cosplays, but not this. Anyhow, can anyone suggest what would be a good process to make the head? I'll only be making a tail, paw gloves, and the head, if anyone's curious to know that. Anyhow, any suggestions will be appreciated!
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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

Mask Frames

Made these a while ago, the one with the moving jaw isn't quite finished. I recently found a decent wood, but ran out of brads (we had a whole 3 of 'em) while making it. I've been using Matrices' online instructions, the one with the static jaw was my first one and probably going to just be a practice one too. The other one is going to be a head for Amber if I can ever get the fur. :P
Pictures under the cut.
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Pictures of foam head shape

Hi again.

Here is my progress on Steed's head. May wind up being a practice piece but should give an idea as to what I am wanting. Or very similar. I can see very well and it looks good but everybody says do not use styrofoam and I'm tending to agree but how the heck else can I do something like this? I have tried the soft foam in the past with mixed results. Can it be sanded, somehow? What would I use to glue layers together (hot glue seems very difficult to do that with... contact cement>)

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Having fun and learning in any event,

Grey Fox head

Just completed a new partial I'd like to share. the head was made in 2 evenings and a weekend bar a little fiddling, hands and tail completed later. he's about my 7th foam head and I'm really happy with how he turned out.


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now i remember why i don't come to this community...whenever i do, i want to make another costume.

for halloween, i made a white rabbit costume. it was made with a balaclava, fur, foam, super sculpey, scooping cups from iced tea, and wire and finished the night before halloween.

my question are:
  • is there any way to make a moving jaw more sensitive with a balaclava? my mouth just hung open the whole time - which was great for breathing, but i'd have preferred that it didn't.

  • how do i keep fur from shedding?

  • is there any way i can color selective parts (i.e. stripes, spots) of fur without an airbrush? i have no access to one and even if i did, i don't know how to use one.

    thanks :)
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    Current project

    Alright, I really wanted to post this when I was done but I haven't worked on it in a week... and someone's stole my cutting scissors. o_- Anywho, this is a dragoncat that I'm making to -hopefully- sell. It's my second mask and will be a partial with at least handpaws and a tail, I don't think I have enough fur left to do feet, however. The muzzle was thicker than I thought, and the nose is a tad small but overall I'm happy with it. I'm also going to fix the length of the back of that head... I'd cut it longer but it had been just uneven enough to bug the heck out of me, so I'll be fixing that soon. I'm also not done adding the scales.. bah. It's got elastic in the back to help keep it in place; I'd made it a tad larger than I'd meant to. I've also found someone who might be interested in buying it once I'm done, and they don't even mind that it's just my second head. :)

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    ears/paws/tail commission

    This wouldn't be for FC or any upcoming cons, but I was curious if anyone here was pretty decent at making this stuff and is actually taking commissions at the moment. Would be for ears with a headband, paws with claws, tail with wire, two shades of blue fur.

    Please let me know if you'd be willing to do this sometime within the next few months and how much ya charge for it, and I can give you more details. Thanks. :)