January 16th, 2006

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Howdy again. For my third suit, I am feeling very ambitious. The local Jewel was having a 75% sale on their Christmas decorations, so I picked up 168 feet of christmas lights, a total of 670 lights. All for $9.71. I have another 8'/20-light set which I think I will use as well.

This means I will be installing a battery and inverter into the suit. I'm going to the Science Surplus store nearby tomorrow to geek out at stuff and hopefully pick up that equipment. So, I'm looking for advice from people that have worked with electrical goodness in suits before.

I will be drawing 270W from all of the lights. I plan to use a 12V-10Ah battery and a 300+ Watt inverter. Are there any precautions I should note when placing them into the suit? Where should I locate the power supply? Backpack? Should I do anything about the heat output? Any design suggestions?

I'm going to use my experience from my Christmas tail to install the lights on this one, too. But 600+ lights in a single suit is going to be... interesting?

Oh, and the character? Ixion.

Head Trip

Steed grins.

Well, it continues to grow in mind and form. The foam head is now cut off behind the jowl line to the top of the head and the rear portion is ... gone. Shortened the face about an inch yet kept the shape and form to amazement and joy.

Thing is, the darn head looked good but too big and long for actual wearing and so it is much shorter yet still looks good. Yea, covered in foam snow (not so nice in bed at night... how does it get there? Kinda like cracker crumbs I suppose).

So now it is more of a mask and planning on making up (buying) a harness much like found in hard hats, welding helmets and face shields. The rear part and the area under the front will be fur but the head, itself, will be acrylic painted fiberglass. The ears will get fur and will probably be aluminum curved around much like a horse's ears do.

When I put it on ... against my face, it fits much better and further back so the long nose does not make me look like I am carrying a ladder or like that (Three Stooges turning and knocking each-other carrying some long object) and so, will be much easier to deal with. Is now very light and the fiberglass over it will not add much weight and will provide a good surface, once sanded and detailed (eye lids, nostril rims, etc.) can be primed and painted with acrylics (I am one of those arteeesty types btw).

Most horses have very sleek hair on their heads much of the year and so this should work in spite it is not, truly, a furry head. Ok, fine, I will do a German Shepherd in true furhead form next if you insist (my GS puppy is soooo cute and handsome). Grin.

Blackleather chain biker cap, forelock and mane, this is gonna look great once I figure out just what to do about eyes.

Having fun again today in Michigan,

Fur hunting

Hey there, I've got a couple more questions.

I've decided to order some fur online. I want a yard of very nice quality white fur, preferably something longish - either the long white from Carol's Zoo or the white cubby bear from CR's. If anyone here could describe to me the quality, feel, and length of these furs, or better yet, show me a picture of a fursuit using these furs or something like them, I'd appreciate it.

I've never ordered fur online before, but I've heard good things about both of these companies. Any other suggestions (it has to be under 20 dollars and only one yard) would be appreciated as well. For reference, the character I'm making looks like this. I'm just making her head.

ETA: Also, does anyone know where to find a balaclava pattern online?
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fursuit nipples

On my next personal suit (once I am finished my bat), my goal is to potray my character, more or less, as an animal walking upright (as I cannot walk on all fours), so I want to have nipples on her torso, much like a dog or cat.

I would simply leave them out, but I do want this suit to be obviously female, but without another suit of the opposite sex around to compare against, things like a slimmer build, shorter horns, smoother muscles, etc just ain't gonna work.

The problem is how to implement this and make them reasonably understated yet still still relativly obvious.

I plan to shave the belly fur really short (I will probably use long fur for the whole suit so I can make specific areas specific lengths) but I'm not sure if I can get the nipple look by simply doing some fancy stitching, or if I have to go to latex or something similar. Then I get the problem of blending the fake nipple into the belly so it does not look 'added' on...

I'm sure folks have made suits with nipples before (both male and female) but would anyone have pictures to show, or an idea of how I may go about doing this? I do not want boobs, just the nipples.

I tried googling 'fursuit nipple' but you can imagine the links I recived from that were not particularly helpful...

EDIT: Sexy Yaksuit deleted. Thanks for IDing it for me :)
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End-Bac and scissors and needles, oh my!

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm flying to FC, and I'm taking my fursuit in two regular sized checked baggage cases. I'm flying United, and I'm wondering what is and is not acceptable to take in checked baggage. Specifically, Is it OK to take a can of End-Bac, and a fix-it pack containing things like needles, safety pins, super glue, and a small pair of Fiskars scissors, in case my fursuit needs fixing during the weekend, and in case I find some time to make a small upgrade to my tail. The tail upgrade isn't critical, but after it's done, it should allow the tail to move much more fluidly like a real rat's tail. Many thanks to any info I can get on this, as it's the first time I have a complete fursuit to take to a con, and I'm understandably excited at the thought of fursuiting all weekend. :o)
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