January 17th, 2006

Evil Grin

Foaming of the Bunny head

I finally managed to get my paws on some good poly foam and proceeded with adding foam to my head. I'd like some honest feed back from ya'll so I can correct anything that needs adjusting before I proceed with the eyes and adding the fur.

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I'd like to thank who ever told me it was ok to paste on scrapes to even things out. That was some really useful advice.

Please give me honest critque. Even if this is my first head, I want it to look good for FWA.

Thanks as always in advance for all your suggestions.
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New guy on the scene

Hi all, I don't know if I'd qualify myself as a "Fursuiter" yet, but I have been making some tails lately, and I'd like to get into making a broader variety of things as I get better. If you'd like to see some of the stuff that I've done so far, feel free to look here.


Just thought I'd say hi to everyone, and show a little of what I've done.

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