January 18th, 2006

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Not a fursuiter, but a LRPer here, who happens to be playing a cat-person. My mate (who is furry) is making me a fursuit (woot for creative & talented mates!) but I wanted to have a go at making a full-head mask out of foam... His is more based on a latex mask which he's 'editted'... So if anyone knows of any good sites/faqs/walk throughs on how to make a realistic full-head cat mask...

(Oh, and for anyone in the UK, Birmingham rag market has a lovely stall with lots of nice fur on... :))

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Hi ok last resort due to very little help with the post. i'm going to order online. so i'm looking for any sites that has these colours Image hosted by Photobucket.com and Image hosted by Photobucket.com in shag fur and ships to Australia and will accept paypal, not too pricey.

Thanks for any help.
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Shave or Cut the Fur for the nose... THAT is the question!

OK guys.. it's down to the wire. The last thing I have is the noses on these two costumes. I have them cut and sewn the vinyl to the correct shape (it is wrapped around stiffer foam). The only question is: do I shave the fur down under the nose and epoxy it in, or should I actually cut the fur around the nose and epoxy it to the foam underneath and keep the fur around the edge of the nose?

GAH, one more day!

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Fursuit Character reference

This is what I have at this point. She is, by no means, finished. I turned her into a fursuit reference, to get the markings to look right. Some things look great on a feral/quad critter, but not so hot when you stand them on their back feet...
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The body spots are kinda based on the coat of a king cheetah or classic tabby pattern. The stripes are just 'cause her arms looked lonely compared to her back :)

Any thoughts? Just looking at it now, she looks a little unblanced with so much white on the top and none anywhere else.

I still dunno about the body colour. I kinda wanted it a light purple, but then she just looks cold. And no warm colours seem to match the off-white and purple very well.

I like the grey (think grey tabby cat) but it's almost a little boring.. then again, that just makes the purple stand out a little more... I've tried every shade of tan, but none seem to work.

I'm considering turning her into more of a bi-coloured cat pattern (like a paint horse) or wild dog/calico pattern. But I don't know if I want any large expanses of white to conflict with the head. And calico is almost to gaudy for me...

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Righto. An electricity bill has wiped out most of my funds, and so I'm offering a cheap full suit commission!

I'm offering either a basic full suit for $700 ($200 off) or a full detailed suit (wings, moving jaw, lots of teeth, claws, padding, markings, etc) for $1000 ($250 off).
Also offering basic partial suits at $250 ($100 off) or a full detailed partial suit (with wings, horns, moving jaw, detailed teeth/markings, etc) for $350 ($100 off)

I've just had a rent inspection, and whilst I was cleaning out my fur room I found SO much spare fur that it's just not funny... Chances are I'll already have some fur that you might need in your commisison!

Also, if you'd like anything really simple such as paws, a tail, wings, anything like that... Please contact me! I'm really broke and have much more time to sew now :)

Anyway, thanks all.
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Well, after all of that it is junk. The horse head I tried to do fiberglass over foam. It is a junky mess now and the original is gone gone gone.

But I perk my horsey ears to the learning experience yet again. Do NOT do that.

It is not that the rosin melted the foam, not at all, but that the foam is open cell and thus the fiberglass cloth and rosin cannot find a good purchase thus wrinkly and bubbly mess. Besides, I used MEK to dissolve the original foam out to make the shell and now the shell, itself, is twisted and bent and all messed up.

So, back to the tossing-and-turnining all night long again.

Something good will come of this I promise.