January 19th, 2006

fursuit fur

What would you consider 'the best' fur to make a bodysuit out of?

I was looking at fur for my below posted future suit. I want a fairly short fur for the body, but solid grey seems to be a hard one to find.

I found a solid grey in two shades which is perfect, but it is seal fur. I actually quite like seal fur, but it does bug me a bit that you can see the seams. Any way to minimize this? And, since it is so short and thick, it seems to really thick up a person's body. Or is this just in my mind?

And the spots and such will all be handstitched, I've never done that with seal, would there be any problems?

Pretty much the whole suit would be made from seal (to match) including hand and footpaws. Would this be a good idea or should I find another plush fur to use for the hands/feet?

Has anyone made a full suit our of seal? Pictures? I don't really recall many suits being made from seal, but maybe they are and I just don't notice.

Any tips/things to look out for in working with this type of fur?

I expect this suit to take a heck of alot of time and work, so I want to start off with the best materials. Or I'll be pissed off later if it does not work out right.
Ace (happy)

New Footpaws

Well they aren't perfect, but I got my new footpaws done. (Well not completely done still have to get some stuff for pads on the bottom, which is why I didn't take pictures of the bottoms yet.) First set I have ever made so cut me some slack they aren't perfectly even. But they won't fall apart that is for damn sure. Pictures Collapse )

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Floating nebulous glowy thing!

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Okay...this is more of a question about accessories/armor for a fursuit than a fursuit itself, but it does relate to making wings. So.
If a mod wants to bap me for asking it, go right ahead ^^;.

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Searching for Fur

After searching the internet for a few hours, my fur search turned up nothing. I'm looking for this color in both short pile and shag. Or just medium pile. I'm unable to buy fur right now, but I'm just looking for websites that sell this specific color (hopefully not expensive. I'm only 14 and can't afford much with no job.). Any help is greatly appreciated! (if you're wondering, I plan on making a Grinch fursuit with this fur =D!)
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attaching nails?

what's the best (most durable) way to attach sculpey nails to an already sewn paw?

I have a tiger-esque paw and a dragon-esque paw that I need to attach nails to. Superglue/hotglue doesn't stay well enough. :/
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