January 20th, 2006

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Yet Another to Add to the Pile of Questions (Bunny Tail)

So, I've made some lovely floppy bunny ears (will share when I get the chance) And I wish to make a tail for it. Problem is I don't know how to go about making the form three dimensional. It's mostly white on the bottom and a little on the sides then a bit of grey on the top part (basic bunny tail). I over analyze things all the time so perhaps someone might be able to simplify it for me or even put it in a different perspective. Thankke =^-^=
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Does anyone know where to get taxidermy forms from in the UK?

Before you all kill me... I was thinking, in my never-ending (it seems!) quest to make a realistic cat head, it might be possible to take a taxidermy form of an appropriate size, and take a cast from it (either latex or papier-mache or something) to use as a base with a balaclava?

Has anyone thought of this before and does anyone know if it might work?

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Dodger - TV


Righto, so I'm new to this little community. Hi, all.
I just was wondering if anyone had any pointers for a first-time fursuiter? I'd really like to make one and perhaps attend AnthroCon sometime, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting started.
I really only need the head, both sets of paws, and the tail.

Thanks in advance, guys.
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'elite' costumes

Regarding the conversation on dragon scales a little while back, I met with a leatherworker friend today and we talked on the subject on creating a 'realistic' (if a mythological creature can be called realistic) dragon using individual scales made from leather.

Something like this. It would be more anthro, like a draconian or other lizardman. Perhaps like this. Several scale sizes for different areas. Maybe small wings, since the wingspan would need to be leather to match... *eyes loose focus as she draws diagram in her head*

Anyways, the question is, would there be a market for such a thing? It would cost a great deal due to the materials and labour and such, so it would have to sell for significantly more than most other fursuits, say 5 grand or more (I don't actually have all the cost figured out yet).

I know in other fandoms high costs are part of the price paid for being realistic. But I'm not convinced it is the same in the furry fandom. And this would be a work of art more than a costume. Not for everyone.

So, what I really want to know is should I bother thinking about this as something to sell (in the future when I feel totally confident in my skills at that level) or instead should I think of this as a really cool personal suit I can make when I have the money and time, maybe in the far future.

Or perhaps I would be better off considering the corporate market, they certinly have money to spend. But why would they want a medieval kinda dragon...

*shrugs* Just throwing it there.