January 21st, 2006

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It may not be actual "suit" stuff per se, but furry paraphenalia is welcome here too, right? Here are a few things I did today I'd like to share.

White Ears
Back in December I took a commission to make some ears for a person on the LAFF email list. I told him I'd give 'em a shot. They seemed to be suspiciously easy to make, but I'm pretty satisfied with 'em. Click for a gallery!

What do you think of these? For my first pair of ears ever, I don't think they're too shabby, but there are so many ways I could improve on it.


More gallery goodness. Inspired by rayvenwolffe's silly foxhat and a hat I received for Christmas. I've been tossing this idea around in my head all week. I heard these suckers sold like hotcakes at MFF. I don't want to seem like a copycat, but it was just such a simple design I couldn't NOT do it. Now all my friends think it's the coolest thing since sliced cheese. Well, almost. I'm considering getting an artist's alley table on Sunday at MFF, think I should build up a stock of these too?

I have a few things in mind I'd like the improve for the next foxhat I make, like that ugly double-stitch around the rim there. Also, I remembered that fleech has a stretchy axis and a not-stretchy axis. I found it really handy to make sure all the material could stretch AROUND and not up and down.

The hat seems kinda bare. It needs something on the forehead... but what? Perhaps I'll expand this design to make other animals and maybe even a dragon, if I'm ambitious enough.
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I don't think this has been asked before so here it goes. I'm working on a foamed head right now but I really want it to be very smooth. Its a good shape but what is the best way to make it smooth? I know it doesn't matter THAT much but it kind of does to me. Is it best to just sit and precariously cut away with scissors or is there something I missed?


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