January 22nd, 2006

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Today I went over to Blakdrgn's house to hang out and make a Ducttape dummy for the new fursuit I am getting. After Blak made dinner (Chicken wooo!) Dobie came and we got to work on wrapping me from head to toe in ducttape. It was certinly an odd experience. Over all the dummy came out better than i thought it would. Aside from the cutting of a bit of my boxers, getting out of the dummy once we were finished wasnt to hard. Since I dont feel like adding comments to all the pics (there is a shitload of them) I am leaving that to you. If you see one that you would like to comment on, just post a url to the image with your comment. Here is zee link to the pics!

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I've been trying to find someone who makes ears on a furred headband. Many of the ones I've seen are rather expensive. I commissioned Joecifur for some ears, but after a couple days of wearing them, one of the ears fell off because it was merely hot glued to the headband...

Anyways, I'm looking for someone who can make a simple pair of black wolf ears on a furred headband, with the inside of the ears being a maroon/dark red. I made my Userpic a quick example for coloration.
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Hi there I wanted to make a fur suit or a set of paws, ears and tail of the Cheshire cat out of Alice in wonderland. The only problem being am finding it hard to get mine paws on purple and pink fur does anyone know were to get some or have some scrap there willing to sell/give?

the cat look like this http://www.animationusa.com/wd02/wd217n.html.

Edit-thanks to lupusetgruis I find a shop to get it from^^