January 23rd, 2006

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So I posted links to this tail a few days ago in other lj groups. I checked before posting this to see if I had posted the links into this group or not. Doesn't look like I have, unless I missed it. Anywho I just am looking for some comments, and suggestions or gripes you may have with how the tail looks. GIVE ME CRITICISM...please =^_^=


*snickers* ps thats my husband wearing the tail...lol, I love getting him to wear my goods =^_^=
  • seamora

A few questions

I am *very* early in the planning stages of creating a fursuit, and have a few questions.

I have decided to begin slowly, with the forepaws. May I ask if there are techniques for making sure they fit correctly? I have seen what I can describe only as clear plastic templates, constucted to make forepaws. Where might one find such plastic, and and about how much would it cost?

The last question I have is with respect to hair. My fursona has quite long, wavy, dark auburn hair, all characteristics I would somehow wish to preserve while making the head, though I am willing to forego the wavy aspect if it absolutely cannot be achieved. May I ask what techniques exist, if any, to achieve at least the appearance of length, if long hair is unavailable? Further, where can one find wigs, particularly those of unusual texture or color?

Thank you for your thoughts and comments. ^_^