January 24th, 2006

lion head?

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a lion head out of mesh that i have and i was using growly's techinqe, and im not sure how to make it lion shaped. Does anyone have any suggestions? would be greatly appreicated. And my black beak suit is done!(wings not avalible now, pics of it around febuary) but everything else is done(handpaws still under construction by growly) but i have subsitute hand paws and a bodysuyit made my Mallory(thanks!). So will post pics asap. And does anyone know how to make a mane, like on Brokken's lion knight? Suggestions would be greatly appricated. thanks!

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New ears...

So I tried something new after seeing them briefly around. I made some ears using a bandl-less, clipless style. Its more so like a fabric headband without the elastic. It has ribbion on each side to tie-together underneath your hair or under your chin to keep it on. Tell me what you think.


and with some help with felt so the underneath stitching cant be seen this is what it looks liek:

Dia purplemoon

Meet Rockstar & Moonbeam

Meet Rockstar and Moonbeam, the Moonpuppies from afar. Yes, this is what I have been working on for the last four months. :)
See more pics here:
http://www.critter.net/~dia/misc/art/moonbeam-antennas.avi (Video of the antennas working)
I am the one with the blue body (she is female, thinner muzzle, smaller head), their antennas glow with UV LEDs in UV reactive painted antennas, his antennas are tipped in Stars, mine are tipped in balls, the horns, teeth, claws all glow in the dark. The wrist things are controllers to speed up or slow down the lights in the antennas. People LOVED playing with them!!

Thanks to foofers for all his help on the antennas and casting of the glowing bits! He is an AMAZING artist, and everyone should know. :)

Here is the artwork (first time trying to get suits to look like art):
http://www.critter.net/~dia/misc/art/modelsheet-moonbeam-color-SMALL.jpg Moonbeam
http://www.critter.net/~dia/misc/art/modelsheet-rockstar-color-SMALL.jpg Rockstar

Whatcha think?
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Digitigrade feet/legs

Wow, my first post here. So excuse me if I stumble a little bit here.

I just got finished working on a rough out/expriment for a set of digitigrade extentions and the end results look promissing. It just needs a bit more work done on it in regards to balance and looks, before I give it the finishing touches to a much larger project I'm working on.

Has anyone else done any work in this field? My main problem right now is balance while still trying to keep it looking right. (how much angle from the ground would you think would look good?) To help you out, I'm using a pair of modified roller blade boots with extensions. (sorry no photos, yet) They seem to work fairly well as just the frames, Though getting used to moving around with them is a little awkwards while still trying to keep the same stance. (or the lower parts in the same place, flat when I stop) I'm hoping to fix that on the next phase.

I've been told before that something like this wouldn't work very well and it would twist off an akle or knee or something. I'm guessing if the extentions were longer, ya maybe. So far I haven't had that problem yet. I'm going to also work on something that'll help take some of the strain off the legs for this project.
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FurCon Pics

Here's a link to my Further Confusion album, if you are looking for pictures of your fursuit.

On that note, if you see this tchall, could you send me a copy of the picture of Brokken with the anteater? I was the anteater. I thought I would bump into you later, but either I didn't see you, or I forgot what you looked like.
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Frysco - confused (Nevarraven)
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FC2006 pics

I've seen some URLs posted to a bunch of different sites that have pictures.

However, does anyone have pictures either on these sites or not yet posted that they might want to upload to pics.critter.net?

Let me know... francisco-conpics @ vulpes.net