January 25th, 2006

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Glowysuit v1.0 - Ghost

Whee, it's been a while since I last posted in here. Now that FC 2006 is behind us and all the insanity and craziness is over, I can now get back to the fursuiting project that I've been slacking off working on for the past two years.

I've posted several times about my glowytails, showed off the insides and some of the electronics and whatnot. Well, having made the glowytails, the obvious next step would be to make a fursuit.

Ghost. Ghost is my white tiger character. He's going to be a fullsuit when finished, 100% white fur with no markings whatsoever. There will be stripes though, in the form of blue LEDs worn on an undersuit behind the fur. This should provide a very nice effect when viewed in complete darkness.

I'm also planning on having glowing claws and of course glowing eyes as well. There will be two sound sensors in the suit. One built into the tail, which will make it basically be the same as my current glowytail (I'm the guy with the tail that flashes to bass at dances at cons), and one for the rest of the suit's LEDs.

I started making Ghost two years ago, but I keep slacking off, that's the only reason he's not already done. The bodysuit is 75% finished, sewn by hand - I don't really have access to a decent sewing machine. I have the prototype for the LED suit 60% wired up/soldered already, but due to design flaws and improvements I've made to the glowytails after starting, it'll have to be scrapped and re-started. Since LEDS are dirt-cheap however, this isn't really a problem, I just gotta order them.

I can't seem to stay motivated to work on him as much as I want to though, I've just been too busy with life and other things. I end up not touching him for months at a time. Hopefully now that I've let the cat out of the bag though, you all will help me stay focused by kicking me in the rear to get him done for FC 2007.

Wish me luck!

-M, glowytailed tiger

Oh yeah. I plan on starting to sell glowytails after I finish Ghost.
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Pink fur...

Hey, I'm in need of two shades of hot pink fur, light and dark and I haven't been able to find any anywhere... I don't need that much either, only about half a yard, if that.

Anyone have any lying around or can point me in the direction of some?

Attempt at a werewolf-ish head

Hi all,

This head was actually finished two weeks ago, and was also present at FC. I guess some of you who where there saw it, but anyhow here's my first attempt at a semi realistic head. I think it came out alright all-in-all. Unfortunately it suffers from the ever present issue of the eyes fogging up due to high humidity inside the head. I was hoping that I had enough ventilation around the eyes to not have it fog up, but it did anyways so... I'm working on a fix for that. For now, for those of you who missed it at FC or didn't go to FC, like myself, I give you some pics:

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Since I didn't get to go to FC, I got myself an airbrush with the money I didn't use. Hopefully this will improve the look of my fursuits and add to the richness of the suits.
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Have a doggy. Dragon. Thing.

Okay, remind me to never make another almost all black thing if I can help it! Unless it's summer and the light's better. I really do apologise for the photos. I tried to fix them up as best I could, but there were some very nasty contrast issues and I could only really do so much. In a lot of cases the "accent fur" is very washed out, but I did get one pic that showed it off quite nicely.

Anyway... story behind this guy was that I found that very interesting rainbow fur on some cheap cushions at my local Wilkinson's, and I knew I had to have it, so I brought a couple and took them apart (and I feel vaguely guilty for that, why?) The fur is indeed rainbow - it looks like a slightly muted pink at a distance, but closer up you can see blue and yellow hairs in there too. I've never seen anything like it before! I just wish I knew if anywhere sold it on the roll, but I'll bet it's one of those pesky wholesale places. In any case, though, I think it goes very well with black as a trimming.

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black beak partial done!

Ya! I finally got my Black Beak partial done! Here's the links, http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/blackbeak2.jpg and http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/blackbeak1.jpg His head is a balaclava base, with foam, PVC and fur. The hand paws are back-ups until his true handpaw design i ordered from Growly is done, and Mallory(fun-fur-all.com) has sent me a bodysuit as a trade item, and when i recieve it, I will take more pics and it will be a fullsuit, Black beak may appear at FWA or FC one day, so if you see him its shaggy_griffon! Let me know what you think! He is my second "real" fursuit made, and i do trades and sometimes tail commisions, so if you are interested, email me at spirit_wolf12@hotmail.com for info, thanks!

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